62147-Goodman, Joseph

Joseph Goodman, MD

Family Medicine, PGY 2
University of Louisville School of Medicine


Why I chose Family Medicine: 

Personally, I have always viewed family medicine as a broad-spectrum field of endless knowledge and opportunities for collaboration. Throughout residency, training across a wide variety of specialties allows one to comprehend the interconnection of most medical services. As a result, practitioners in family medicine can assist nearly 100% of patients that walk through their door. This all-inclusive aspect of family medicine had a strong personal appeal, as my own goals have consistently been motivated by a need to help anyone requiring assistance regardless of the context. Furthermore, the diverse training again serves as a useful means of inter-personal development. Through working with multiple specialists, the communication skills gained during a family medicine residency prove more than useful as practitioners learn to collaborate with complex medical teams. Overall, family medicine not only allows for the application of a broad amount of medical knowledge, but also allows for the development of strong communication skills that can be applied to almost any situation. When combined, I couldn’t think of a more enjoyable specialty to become a part of. 

Why I chose the IU Health Primary Care Central Indianapolis Family Medicine Residency Program:  

The first factor that drew me to the this residency program was the potential for individualized education. The subspecialty tracks, dual-degree programs and electives were very appealing as they seemed to offer opportunities to explore personal interests. Secondly, a strong sense of comradery was demonstrated during my interview day and throughout the social events during interview season. All faculty, staff and residents seemed to know one another and form a warm-welcoming family with smiles on their faces. Overall, when combining my desire to become part of a strong family medicine team while simultaneously receiving top-notch medical education, plenty of evidence arose that suggested the family medicine residency at IU was the right program for me. 

Interests and hobbies:  

I enjoy roaming about in nature with a good camera, painting, hiking, kayaking, playing music, and reading. I probably watch way more TV than I need to. Overall, if an activity sounds fun, I am more than willing to give it a try. 

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee
  • Education
    2022 MD University of Louisville School of Medicine

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