60310-Montalvan, Eleazar

Eleazar Montalvan, MD

Internal Medicine, PGY 1
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

Gatch Hall Room 630
Indianapolis, IN


Dr. Montalvan-Sanchez attended Dowal College of Honduras and received his medical degree from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras. 
Dr. Montalvan has been responsible for conducting various research projects, including epidemiological studies, surveillance studies, and Randomized Clinical Trials sponsored by the NIH in cooperation with multiple institutions (UAB, Vanderbilt & Mayo Clinic). 
Serves as National Hispanic Medical Association Liaisons dedicating to developing future generations of Latinx medical professionals to make a difference in Hispanic Healthcare for communities. 
Recently joined the internal medicine program at Indiana University and is now part of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Department of Medicine.

Key Publications


  1. Estevez D, Montalvan-Sanchez EE, Wong E, Montalvan-Sanchez DM, Rodriguez-Murillo A, Dominguez RL, Morgan DR, Health Barriers and Patterns of Gastric Cancer Care in Rural Central American Resource-Limited Settings. JAMA ONCOLOGY (2018), DOI:10.1001/jamaoncol.2018.2570
  2. Ortiz V, Estevez-Ordonez D, Montalvan-Sanchez EE, Urrutia-Argueta S, Israel D, Krishna S, Romero-Gallo K, Wilson KT, Peek R, Dominguez RL, Morgan DR, Helicobacter pylori antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic consumption in the low-resource Central America setting. Helicobacter (2019), DOI: 10.1111/hel.12595
  3. Montalvan-Sanchez EE., Urrutia, S. A., Rodriguez, A. A., Duarte, G., Murillo, A., Rivera, R., Norwood DA, Godoy, C. A. (2020). Cardiovascular risk assessment in the resource-limited setting of Western Honduras: An epidemiological IJC Heart & Vasculature, 100476. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijcha.2020.100476
  4. Norwood, D.A., Dominguez, L.B., Paredes, A.A., Montalvan-Sanchez EE, Dougherty M, Dominguez RL, Morgan DR, Prevalence and Associated Dietary Factors of Rome IV Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Rural Western Honduras. Dig Dis Sci (2020).
  5. Rifkin SB, Dominguez RL, Montalvan-Sanchez EE, Norwood DA, Estevez D, Morgan Aspirin is protective against gastric cancer in a high incidence region of Central America. DDW 2019. (Poster Distinction).
  6. Dominguez RL, Elemore S, Montalvan-Sanchez EE, Norwood DA, Estevez D, Gulley ML, Morgan DR. Novel Genomic Analysis of Central America Gastric Adenocarcinoma Tissues Reveals Coexisting Human Mutations with H. pylori and EBV Genomes. DDW
  7. Montalvan Sanchez EE, Dominguez RL, Rodriguez Murillo AA, Norwood DA, Morgan D, S1369. Gastric Cancer Survival and Associations in the Rural Developing Nation Setting in Central America, The American Journal of Gastroenterology: October 2020, vol 115. pS690-S691 doi:10.14309/01.ajg.0000707524.59016.42

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee

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