60227-Gutierrez, Alex

Alex Gutierrez, MD

Emergency Medicine, PGY 3
University of Louisville School of Medicine


Why Emergency Medicine? I wanted to pursue a career in EM because it lets you deal with a variety of medical and social problems acutely and every day feels a bit different. I liked the people I talked to and got to know in the department as a scribe, as a student and now as a resident and I feel the field draws a unique group of individuals who are all very personable and easy to get along with! Also we pioneered the Patagonia jackets replacing white coats and I refuse to be told otherwise.

Why did you choose the Indiana University School of Medicine Emergency Residency program? Had a big interest in staying in the midwest and knew I'd get the training to prepare me for any kind of path I chose to pursue after residency! While the reputation of the program and just seeing the varied hospitals we train at is very obvious, I feel like I was surprised with how efficient our simulation training is with actual stressful but educational scenarios that prepare you for the real event. Also was surprised with the varied ICU exposure which starts even intern year and preps you to have ice in your veins during codes.

What are some of your personal interests? I'm an easy to please foodie but the food scene here is pretty great and they're all pretty much in walking distance if you live downtown - or bird scooter distance if you live life on the edge. Also big into pc gaming (League of Legends, Valorant, dying in Dark Souls) and board games (Settlers of Catan, D&D sorta counts, Bang!). I love buying books more than reading them lately but I'm trying to do the latter more now that I've got a collection growing. Appreciating anteaters. 

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  • Resident Appointee
  • Education
    2021 MD University of Louisville School of Medicine

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