42158-Hall, Dylan

Dylan Hall, MD

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, PGY 4
Un of Texas Southwestern Medical School At Dallas

RI 5837

Indianapolis, IN


Hometown: Clifton, TX

Undergrad: Texas State University

Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern

Professional Interests: Med-Peds Combined Cardiology

Hobbies: game nights with friends, spending time with his partner Dan, frequent movie dates, and traveling as frequently as possible to fun and far-away exciting adventures- since starting residency, I’ve visited Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Las Vegas a couple of times!

Fun Fact: In undergrad, I studied musical theater and biochemistry

Why IU: I’ve really appreciated all that training at IU has to offer. From day one, you have a large class that is experiencing what it’s like to be Med-Peds at the same time that you foster really strong friendships with categorical residents from the parent programs. We benefit from being part of a large medical system with diverse and unique patient populations in a program with very robust clinical training. One thing that has impressed me is how much Med-Peds is respected at IU and how many of the faculty and categorical residents appreciate our unique perspectives. Additionally, with the presence of the Med-Peds program, it is easy to identify mentors in just about any subspecialty or career path you are interested to pursue. I’m excited to share what it’s like to be a part of this program, and I hope that you find yourself at home here as much as I do!

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee
  • Education
    2018 MD Un of Texas Southwestern Medical School At Dallas

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