42152-Kapil, Sasha

Sasha R. Kapil, MD

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, PGY 4
University of Nebraska College of Medicine

RI 5837

Indianapolis, IN


Hometown: Manhattan, KS

Undergrad: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Medical School: University of Nebraska

Professional Interests: Combined Med-Peds Nephrology, Medical Education

Hobbies: Reading/sharing book recommendations, trivia, podcasts, backcountry hiking, group fitness, natural history and art museums, visiting state and national parks

Why IU: I love so many aspects of our program, but the people at IU make being a Med-Peds resident awesome. I look forward to working alongside my friends every day. We have such a large program size, which is a huge asset. I love that we have our own identity as a program, but still seamlessly integrate with our categorical colleagues. The program leadership (both Med-Peds and categorical) is extraordinary. They advocate for us as residents and recognize that our education, physical health, and mental health are equally important. I am so excited to share our program with you! I hope you find a “Med-Peds family” like I found at IU!

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee
  • Education
    2018 MD University of Nebraska College of Medicine

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