40893-Jones, Alexander

Alexander Jones, MD

Otolaryngology, PGY 5
Indiana University School of Medicine


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Indianapolis, but I grew up in Fort Wayne.

What is your medical school/undergraduate background?

I graduated from Purdue University in 2015 with a bachelor's in health and human sciences. I then went to Indiana University School of Medicine for medical school and graduated in 2019.

Why are you pursuing a career in ENT?

I loved the many different types of surgery—from endoscopic sinus surgery to head and neck reconstruction to microscopic temporal bone drilling. Each one taps into a different skill set that would keep my career interesting and varied. I find the densely-packed and complex anatomy of the head and neck fascinating. The field is full of intelligent and academic people who all seem to love their job and be happy. 

What intrigued you about IU School of Medicine?

The faculty and residents seemed like a tight-knit group of friends and were genuinely invested in education and our well-being. They were easily accessible and available if I had any questions or concerns. All of the residents were humble, intelligent people who cared about their patients and one another. I was thoroughly impressed watching the chief residents operate and would have felt comfortable if they were to operate on me. As the only tertiary referral center in the state, IU School of Medicine encounters incredible patient diversity and volume for clinical and surgical experience. Since the department has expanded rapidly in the last several years, there is a highly favorable faculty-to-resident ratio that would maximize my surgical and clinical opportunities. The temporal bone course was the most impressive and comprehensive I encountered during my interviews. The city of Indianapolis is the 11th most populous city that has a bit of everything you could want and is quite affordable.

What have you learned most from faculty in the department??

Patience for others and yourself can spare you a lot of misery and many unpleasant interactions.

What are some of your hobbies?

Piano, boxing, running, anything outdoors, cooking.

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee

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