Vasantha D. Aaron

Vasantha D. Aaron, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology & Imaging Sciences


Vasantha Aaron, MD, is a nuclear medicine radiologist and has been a member of the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Radiology faculty since 2010. She completed her nuclear medicine fellowship at IU and has given educational lectures at the American Roentgen Ray Society and the Central Chapter of Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging meetings. Dr. Aaron’s interests include developing protocols in fusion imaging, radionuclide therapies, and the advancement of clinical PET/MRI. Dr. Aaron also currently serves as the Medical Director of Radiology for the IU Health Academic Health Center overseeing patient care and imaging and is the Faculty Co-Sponsor of the IU Women in Radiology group.

Key Publications

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Hinton J, Cerra-Franco A, Shiue K, Shea L, Aaron V, Billows G, Al-Hader A, Lautenschlaeger T. Superior Vena Cava Syndrome in a Patient with Locally Advanced Lung Cancer with Good Response to Definitive Chemoradiation: A Case Report. J Medical Case Reports 2018;12:301.


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