64666-Ofori, Kenneth

Kenneth N. Ofori, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

CP 4072
Indianapolis, IN

Key Publications

Google Scholar

1. Lim, Ryan G., et al. "Huntington disease oligodendrocyte maturation deficits revealed by single-nucleus RNAseq are rescued by thiamine-biotin supplementation." Nature Communications 13.1 (2022): 7791.

2. Ofori, Kenneth, Govind Bhagat, and Alex J. Rai. "Exosomes and extracellular vesicles as liquid biopsy biomarkers in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: Current state of the art and unmet clinical needs." British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 87.2 (2021): 284-294.

3. Ofori, Kenneth, et al. "The clinical and pathological features of plasma cell myeloma post solid organ transplantation." American Journal of Hematology 95.12 (2020): 1531-1541.

4. Ofori, Kenneth, Amin Yakubu, and Alex J. Rai. "Identifying Therapeutic Strategies in IgA Nephropathy through Comprehensive Transcriptomic Characterization." bioRxiv (2021): 2021-08.

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