Richard F. Bergstrom

Richard F. Bergstrom, PhD

Visiting Professor of Medicine


Dr. Bergstrom's interest in is the area of PK/PD. It was an integral part of his 33 years conducting research at Eli Lilly and Company and in his academic teaching and research appointments at Indiana University School of Medicine and Butler University College of Pharmacy and Heath Sciences. Dr. Bergstrom is currently serving as the Interim Director of the Disease and Therapeutic Response Modeling and Simulation Program at the Indiana University School of Medicine. In addition, he is the principal owner of a consulting firm and a partner in other consulting consortia that provide PK/PD, clinical pharmacology, and BA/BE expertise. This work includes modeling preclinical data as well as data from clinical pharmacology studies in humans. Dr. Bergstrom's research history revolves around extensive modeling of PK and PD data from a variety of clinical pharmacology studies and simulating the expected PK/PD properties of various drugs predicting results for clinical trials and testing the feasibility of novel application of drugs. He has research expertise in modeling in humans including Phase I to Phase IV research for regulatory objectives, as well as animal PK/PD/TK studies, and oral bioavailability and bioequivalence evaluation of a wide variety of drugs and drug candidates in animals and humans.


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Clinical Pharmacology
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Indianapolis, IN