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Robbee Wedow, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics

HS 4000
Indianapolis, IN
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Robee Wedow is an assistant professor of sociology and data science at Purdue University. His main research interest is in social science and behavioral genetics, which lies at the intersection of sociology, psychology, demography, and statistical & computational genetics. He is interested in large-scale genomics analyses, and also in how social forces and environments interact with genetics. He uses recent advances in genetic data collection, biobank-scale data, and methodological developments in statistical genetics to carry out his research. His website can be found at robbeewedow.com

Key Publications

Ganna A, Verweij, Nivard M, Maier R, Wedow R, ..., Perry J, Neale B, and Zietsch B. (2019). Large-scale GWAS reveals insights into the genetic architecture of same-sex sexual behavior. Science.   

Phelps S* and Wedow R*. (2019). What genetics is teaching us about sexuality. New York Times. 

Liu M*, Jiang Y*, Wedow R*, Li Y*, …, Abecasis G, Liu D, and Vrieze S. (2019). Association studies of up to 1.2 million individuals yield new insights into the genetic etiology of tobacco and alcohol use. Nature Genetics. 

Wedow R, Zacher M, Huibregtse B, Harris K, Domingue B, and Boardman J. (2018). Education, smoking, and cohort change: Forwarding a multidimensional theory of the environmental moderation of genetic effects. American Sociological Review.

Lee J*, Wedow R*, Okbay A*, …, Turley P, Visscher P, Benjamin D, and Cesarini D. (2018). Gene discovery and polygenic prediction from a 1.1-million-person GWAS of educational attainment. Nature Genetics.

Turley P, Walters R, Maghzian O, Okbay A, Lee J, Fontana M, Nguyen-Viet T, Wedow R, Zacher M, …, Visscher P, Laibson D, Cesarini D, Neale B, and Benjamin D. (2018). Multi-trait analysis of genome-wide summary statistics using MTAG. Nature Genetics.

Wedow R, Masters R, Mollborn S, Schnabel L, and Boardman J. (2017). Body size reference norms and subjective weight status: A gender and life course approach. Social Forces.

Titles & Appointments

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics
  • Assistant Professor of Sociology and Data Science, Purdue University
  • Education
    2018 PhD University of Colorado
    2011 BA&BS University of Notre Dame
  • Research
    statistical genetics; genetics methods; health inequalities; gene-environment interactions

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