63227-Peng, Gang

Gang Peng, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics

MS 502
Indianapolis, IN
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Dr. Peng is an assistant professor in the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM). He is the director of Bioinformatics in Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health. Dr. Peng received his Ph.D degree mentored by Dr. Wenyi Wang from MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. He finished his postdoctoral training under the supervision of Drs. Hongyu Zhao and Curt Scharfe in Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine.  He continued his research as a research faculty at Yale and joined IUSM in September 2022.

Key Publications

  1. Peng G, Pakstis AJ, Gandotra N, Cowan TM, Zhao H, Kidd KK, Scharfe C., 2022, Metabolic diversity in human populations and correlation with genetic and ancestral geographic distances. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism.
  2. Peng G*, Xi Y*, Bellini C, Kien P, Zhuang Z, Yan Q, Jia M, Wang G, Krishnan-Sarin S, Tang M, Zhao H, Wang H., 2022, Nicotine Dose-Dependent Epigenomic-Wide DNA Methylation changes in the mice with long-term electronic cigarette exposure. American Journal of Cancer Research. 12(8):3679-92. *authors contributed equally
  3. Peng G, Zhang Y, Zhao H, Scharfe C., 2022, dbRUSP: a database of investigating influence of clinical variables to metabolic levels in newborn screening. International Journal of Neonatal Screening. 8(3):48.
  4. Peng, G., Chai, H., Ji, W., Lu, Y., Wu, S., Zhao, H., Li, P., Hu, Q., 2021, Correlating genomic copy number alterations with clinicopathologic findings in 75 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma. BMC Medical Genomics, 14.1 (2021): 1-9.
  5. Peng, G., Tang, Y., Cowan, T.M., Zhao, H. and Scharfe, C., 2021. Timing of newborn blood collection alters metabolic disease screening performance. Frontiers in Pediatrics, 8.
  6. Peng, G.*, Shen, P.*, Gandotra, N.*, Le, A., Fung, E., Jelliffe-Pawlowski, L., Davis, R.W., Enns, G.M., Zhao, H., Cowan, T.M. and Scharfe, C., 2019. Combining newborn metabolic and DNA analysis for second-tier testing of methylmalonic acidemia. Genetics in Medicine, 21(4), pp.896-903. *authors contributed equally
  7. Peng, G., Bojadzieva, J., Ballinger, M.L., Li, J., Blackford, A.L., Mai, P.L., Savage, S.A., Thomas, D.M., Strong, L.C. and Wang, W., 2017. Estimating TP53 mutation carrier probability in families with Li–Fraumeni syndrome using LFSPRO. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Biomarkers, 26(6), pp.837-844.
  8. Peng, G., Fan, Y., Palculict, T.B., Shen, P., Ruteshouser, E.C., Chi, A.K., Davis, R.W., Huff, V., Scharfe, C. and Wang, W., 2013. Rare variant detection using family-based sequencing analysis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(10), pp.3985-3990.
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Titles & Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics
  • Director of Bioinformatics Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health
  • Education
    2015 PhD University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
    2005 BS Fudan University

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