Kenneth D. Levy

Kenneth D. Levy, PhD, MBA

Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine


I am a co-investigator and project manager responsible for assisting in the overall study management oversight and act as the primary communication conduit between key stakeholders and investigators for an NIH/NHGRI U01 study.  I have also been responsible to oversee the development and implementation of educational programs designed to help educate healthcare professionals and patients on the values associated with pharmacogenomic testing.  I am responsible for helping to expand the adoption and clinical implementation of the Eskenazi Cohort Study to encompass the larger Indiana University Healthcare System.  The expansion includes implementation of Pharmacogenomics into the Indiana University Health Electronic Medical Record System, ongoing education and training plus the development and implementation of institutional and community marketing and PR campaigns. In 2015 I was asked by the NHGRI to lead the IGNITE Dissemination Outreach and Sustainability Working Group. IU was awarded a 2-year administrative supplement for this project and in 2016 have been asked to submit for an additional year extension. The DOS Working Group is responsible for the creation and dissemination of information generated by the IGNITE Network to non-IGNITE members and other NHGRI networks. The DOS WG outreach focus is to grow IGNITE’s Affiliate membership and to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other NHGRI networks (eg. eMERGE, CSER, ISCC G2C2 and PCORI). The Sustainability goal for the DOS WG is to develop a manuscript to be published in peer reviewed journal and will be focused on programs, tools and implementation efforts associated with driving genomic sustainability in clinical practice post-NGHRI funding.  I believe that I am ideally suited to perform the above responsibilities due to my scientific, laboratory and project leadership experience gained over the past 30+ years.  Serving in industry as both a Research and Development Project Leader and a Senior Director of Business Development I am skilled in managing complex scientific and technical projects and leading high performance teams.  I was employed by Roche Diagnostics for 23 years in a variety of National and International roles. During the 3 years’ prior my retirement from Roche diagnostics, I served as the as Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs. During that period, I led a team of 30 healthcare professionals (physicians, PhDs and Nurses).  A key responsibility of my position was to design and implement scientific and clinical educational programs for physicians, nurses, medical technologists and lay personnel.  Focused technologies included Molecular Diagnostics, Immunochemistry and Point of Care Diagnostics.  During my career I have been responsible for the successful launch and clinical adoption of many new diagnostic tests including:  HPV genotyping, BRAF Mutation Testing, POC Troponin testing, POC INR testing device, I-125 labeled Human Fibrinogen testing for DVT diagnosis, SR-89m for palliative therapy for metastatic bone cancer patients, Indium 111-oxine labeled autologous leukocytes for occult abscess imaging, an automated CMV molecular test for screening donors and recipients for solid organ transplants, a discrete finger-stick, whole-blood chemistry analyzer for POC, a portable blood gas analyzer, and others.


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