Robert V. Considine

Robert V. Considine, PhD

Professor of Medicine


Dr. Robert V. Considine joined the Division of Endocrinology at Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) as an Assistant Professor in 1997, and was promoted to Professor in 2013.  Prior to his appointment at IUSM, he was on the faculty of the Department of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, where he had completed his doctoral training.  Dr. Considine’s research is focused on understanding the contribution of obesity to the development of diabetes and its complications. In early work his lab made seminal observations about the function of the adipose tissue hormone leptin in humans.  More recently the Considine lab has focused on effects of bariatric surgery to alter gut hormone release and improve glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity. In collaboration with David Kareken, PhD at IUSM, Dr. Considine is also utilizing neuroimaging techniques to understand the reward system response to food cues in human subjects.  Dr. Considine is Associate Director of the IUSM NIH funded Diabetes Center Translation Core, overseeing the Analyte Laboratory, which provides quantitation of adipokines, cytokines, gut peptides and hormones from human and animal samples. Dr. Considine is Director of the Diabetes Center at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, and is Indianapolis campus co-director for Endocrine, Reproductive, Musculoskeletal and Dermatology, a second year course in the medical school curriculum.


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  • Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology