43794-Kim, Il-Man

Il-Man Kim, PhD

Associate Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

Email ilkim@iu.edu
Phone 317-278-2086
MS 346A
Indianapolis, IN
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Dr. Kim received his PhD at University of Illinois, where he worked on transcriptional regulation of gene expression in development and cancer using genetically engineered mouse models. His postdoctoral training was under the guidance of Dr. Howard Rockman at Duke University, where he was involved in multi-disciplinary research projects related to cardiac disease. Particularly, he collaborated with the laboratory of Dr. Robert Lefkowitz (Nobel Laureate), a leader in the field of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR)-mediated signaling pathways. Before he joined the faculty at Indiana University School of Medicine on April 2019, he was a tenured associate professor in Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. He has received multiple awards and honors, such as a finalist for Katz Basic Research Prize at American Heart Association (AHA), a finalist for the Outstanding Early Career Award at AHA, the Young Investigator Award at the Southern Translational Education and Research conference, and a recipient of the Shih-Chun Wang Young Investigator Award from the American Physiological Society. He has been also awarded 6 research grants as PI from NIH and AHA, and seven of his trainees have awarded AHA CDA and fellowships. Currently, his laboratory is studying β-arrestin signaling and noncoding RNAs in cardiac protection. He has served on the grant review committee of AHA and NIH as well as Medical Research Council in UK. He has also served on the editorial board member of multiple cardiovascular journals.  




Titles & Appointments

  • Associate Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology
  • Associate Professor of Wells Center for Pediatric Research
  • Associate Professor of Krannert Institute of Cardiology
  • Education
    2006 PhD University of Illinois at Chicago
    1999 MS Korea University
    1997 BENG Dongguk University
  • Research

    Our research focus is to investigate the noncoding RNA (ncRNA) regulatory network by G protein-coupled receptor-mediated signaling in heart failure using state-of-the-art cell approaches and mouse model systems. We are particularly interested in molecular mechanisms in downstream processes by which β-arrestin-mediated β-adrenergic receptor (βAR) signaling confers cardiac protection. Using active NIH & AHA grants, we investigate the roles of ncRNAs, a new class of gene regulators, in the βAR/β-arrestin-mediated cardiac protection. We also try to define the importance of βAR/β-arrestin-regulatable microRNAs (small ncRNAs) as well as their upstream regulators, long ncRNAs and their functional target genes in βAR-mediated β-arrestin cardioprotective pathways.

    Key words: GPCR signaling, noncoding RNA biology, transcriptional regulation, and model systems on identifying novel genes/pathways for human disease.


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