43517-Sato, Keisaku

Keisaku Sato, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Medicine

(317) 278-4227
VA D2005
Indianapolis, IN


Dr. Sato obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Japan and completed his Ph.D. program in New Zealand. Dr. Sato arrived at the United States for postdoctoral training in 2011 and started his career in Hepatology. He joined the Indiana Center for Liver Research at Indiana University School of Medicine as Assistant Research Professor in 2019. Research fields of Dr. Sato include liver diseases, especially bile duct disorders, such as primary sclerosing cholangitis, primary biliary cholangitis, and cholangiocarcinoma. He has great interests of the roles of bile duct epithelial cells, cholangiocytes, in liver fibrosis. Recent studies demonstrated that cholangiocytes were involved not only in bile duct disorders, but also in other liver diseases, such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and closely associated with liver fibrosis. His goal is to elucidate cholangiocyte biology in liver fibrosis and lead to establish the novel therapeutic approaches. Dr. Sato has extensive experience in experimental procedures in laboratories and the strong expertise in bioinformatics and computation. He has been working on the search of novel biomarkers for rare liver diseases, such as primary biliary cholangitis, and deconvolution to identify specific hepatic cell phenotypes and their functions during liver diseases using bioinformatics.

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