43064-Singh, Kanhaiya

Kanhaiya Singh, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

IB 450
Indianapolis, IN


Kanhaiya Singh, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering, Indiana University. He did his PhD from Banaras Hindu University, India on Genetic Analysis of impairment of Diabetic Wound Healing. During his Post-doctoral research (September 2015- February 2020) at Ohio State University and Indiana University, he studied epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression under diabetic conditions. He has significant experience in high throughput mass-spectrometric proteomic analysis, including in vitro and in vivo SILAC. His recent works include implications of single-cell transcriptomics and single-cell ATAC sequencing approaches to investigate the molecular pathways that are compromised in diabetic wound healing. Dr. Singh has published in several first-tier peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Nature communications, Molecular Therapy, Diabetes, etc.   

2020: Trainee Travel award, Wound Healing Society
2020-Present: Member, American Diabetes Association
2019-2020: Guest editor, Oxidative Medicine, and Cellular Longevity
2019-Present: Member Communications Committee, Wound Healing Society
2019: Young Investigator Award. The Wound Healing Society's Annual Meeting.
2018: Wound healing foundation travel scholarship for notable WHS Young Investigator research.
2017-Present: Member, Wound Healing Society

Key Publications

Singh K, Sinha M, Pal D, Tabasum S et al. (2019) Cutaneous Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition Activator ZEB1 Regulates Wound Angiogenesis and Closure in a Glycemic Status–Dependent Manner. Diabetes. 68 (11), 2175-2190


Dakhlallah DA, Wisler J, Gencheva M, Brown CM, Leatherman ER, Singh K et al. (2019) Circulating extracellular vesicle content reveals de novo DNA methyltransferase expression as a molecular method to predict septic shock. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles. 8 (1), 1669881


Sinha M, Sen CK, Singh K, Das A et al. (2018) Direct conversion of injury-site myeloid cells to fibroblast-like cells of granulation tissue. Nature Communications. 9 (1), 936


Singh K, Pal D, Sinha M, Ghatak S, Gyawali S, Khanna S, Roy S, Sen CK. (2017) Epigenetic modification of microRNA-200b contributes to diabetic vasculopathy. Molecular Therapy. Molecular Therapy. 25 (12), 2689-2704


Gallego-Perez D, Pal D, Ghatak S, Malkoc V, Higuita-Castro N, Gnyawali, S,Chang L, Liao W, Shi J, Sinha M, Singh K, Steen E, et al. (2017) Topical tissue nano-transfection mediates non-viral stroma reprogramming and rescue. Nature Nanotechnology 12 (10), 974

Titles & Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Education
    2015 PhD Banaras Hindu University
    2010 BTECH Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences

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