42064-Wu, Wenting

Wenting Wu, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics

MS 2031
Indianapolis, IN


Dr.Wu received her PhD from Fudan University and subsequently completed a postdoctoral training in human genetics, genetic epidemiology and bioinformatics at University of California, San Diego and Indiana University. Dr.Wu is interested in applying the genomics and bioinformatics tools into complex disease mechanism discovery and personalizing medicine, including transcriptome genomics, genomic variations/mutations, epigenetics, long noncoding RNAs etc.

Key Publications

Wu W, Syed F, Simpson E, Lee C, Liu J, Chang G, Dong C, Seitz C, L. Eizirik D, G. Mirmira R, Liu Y, Evans-Molina C: The Impact of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines on Alternative Splicing Patterns in Human Islets. Diabetes 2021;71:116-127.(Cover Image)

Kusmartseva I*, Wu W *, Syed F*, Van Der Heide V*, Jorgensen M*, Joseph P, Tang X, Candelario-Jalil E, Yang C, Nick H, et al. Expression of SARS-CoV-2 Entry Factors in the Pancreas of Normal Organ Donors and Individuals with COVID-19. Cell Metabolism 2020, 32 (6) :1041-1051.e6 (Co-first author).

Anderson-Baucum E, Piñeros AR, Kulkarni A, Webb-Robertson BJ, Maier B, Anderson RM, Wu W, Tersey SA, Mastracci TL, Casimiro I, Scheuner D, Metz TO, Nakayasu ES, Evans-Molina C, Mirmira RG. Deoxyhypusine synthase promotes a pro-inflammatory macrophage phenotype. Cell Metabolism. 2021 Sep 7;33(9):1883-1893.

Piñeros AR, Gao H, Wu W, Liu Y, Tersey SA, Mirmira RG: Single-Cell Transcriptional Profiling of Mouse Islets Following Short-Term Obesogenic Dietary Intervention. Metabolites 2020;10:513

Visconti A, Duffy D, Liu F, Zhu G, Wu WCheng Y, Hysi P, Zeng C, Sanna M, Iles M, et alGenome-wide association study in 176,678 Europeans reveals new genetic loci for tanning response to sun exposure. Nature Communications 20189(1):1684.

Zhang T, Choi J, Kovacs MA, Shi J, Xu M, NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, …, Wu W, et al. Cell-type-specific eQTL of primary melanocytes facilitates identification of melanoma susceptibility genes. Genome Research 2018,11: 1621-1635.

Marshall C, Howrigan D, Merico D, Thiruvahindrapuram B, Wu W † (5th out of 268 coauthors), Scherer S, Neale B, Sebat J, on behalf of the Schizophrenia and CNV analysis groups of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium: Contribution of copy number variants to schizophrenia from a genome-wide study of 41,321 subjects. Nature Genetics 2017, 49, 27–35. († One of the lead authors).

Chahal HS*, Wu W*, Ransohoff KJ, Yang L, Hedlin H, Desai M, Lin Y, Dai H-J, Qureshi AA, Li W-Q et al: Genome-wide association study identifies 14 novel risk alleles associated with basal cell carcinoma.  Nature Communications 2016, 7:12510. (Co-first author).

Wu W, Wagner EK, Hao Y, Rao X, Dai H, Han J, Chen J, Storniolo AMV, Liu Y, He C: Tissue-specific Co-expression of Long Non-coding and Coding RNAs Associated with Breast Cancer. Scientific Reports 2016, 6:32731.

Michaelson JJ, Shi Y, Gujral M, Zheng H, Malhotra D, Jin X, Jian M, Liu G, Greer D, Bhandari A, Wu W et al: Whole-Genome Sequencing in Autism Identifies Hot Spots for De Novo Germline Mutation. Cell, 2012, 151(7): 1431-1442.

Wang H*, Wu W*, Wang H, Wang S, Chen Y, Zhang X, Yang J, Zhao S, Ding H, Lu D: Analysis of specialized DNA polymerases expression in human gliomas: association with prognostic significance. Neuro-Oncology 2010, 12(7): 679-686. (Co-first author).

Wu W, Zhang W, Qiao R, Chen D, Wang H, Wang Y, Zhang S, Gao G, Gu A, Shen J et al: Association of XPD Polymorphisms with Severe Toxicity in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients in a Chinese Population. Clinical Cancer Research, 2009, 15(11): 3889-3895.

Titles & Appointments

  • Assistant Research Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics
  • Education
    2010 PhD Fudan University
    2005 BS Wuhan University
  • Research



  • Professional Organizations
    American Society of Human Genetics

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