Zhi Han

Zhi Han, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Medicine


Dr. Han’s research are focusing on developing advanced pattern recognition, bioinformatics and statistical methods to solve high impact biomedical problems, specifically in the areas of biomedical informatics and neuroinformatics with applications in cancers and brain development.

Dr. Han’s interests lie in: 1) integrative analysis of gene expression and tumor tissue images for pan cancer research; 2) algorithms and software for mining and visualizing large and complex biomedical data; 3) algorithms and pipelines for modeling and spatial pattern analysis in brain development study. His research has published in notable scientific journals such as Nature Neuroscience, Neuron and Cancer Research.

Key Publications

Han Z, Johnson T, Zhang J, Zhang X, Huang K. Functional Virtual Flow Cytometry: A Visual Analytic Approach for Characterizing Single-Cell Gene Expression Patterns. BioMed Research International. 2017

Shi W, Xianyu A, Han Z, Tang X, Li Z, Zhong H, Mao T, Huang K, Shi SH. Ontogenetic establishment of order-specific nuclear organization in the mammalian thalamus. Nature Neuroscience. 2017 Apr 1; 20(4):516-28. (Co-corresponding author)

Zhang, X.-J., Li, Z., Han, Z., Sultan, K. T., Huang, K., & Shi, S.-H. (2017). Precise inhibitory microcircuit assembly of developmentally related neocortical interneurons in clusters. Nature Communications8, 16091. 

Sultan KT, Han Z, Zhang XJ, Xianyu A, Li Z, Huang K, Shi SH. Clonally related GABAergic interneurons do not randomly disperse but frequently form local clusters in the forebrain. Neuron. 2016 Oct 5;92(1):31-44. (Co-first author)

Han Z, Zhang J, Sun G, Liu G, Huang K. A Matrix Rank Based Concordance Index for Evaluating and Detecting Conditional Specific Co-Expressed Gene Modules, BMC Genomics, 2016, 17(Suppl 7):303-315. 

Xu, H., Han, Z., Gao, P., He, S., Li, Z., Shi, W., Kodish, O., Shao, W., Brown, N.K., Huang, K. and Shi, S.-H. (2014). Distinct lineage-dependent structural and functional organization of the hippocampus. Cell, 2014, Jun, 157 (7): 1552-1564. 

Han Z, Tian L, Pecot T, Huang T, Machiraju R, Huang K. A signal processing approach for enriched region detection in RNA polymerase II ChIP-seq data. BMC Bioinformatics. 2012, 13 (Suppl 2): S2.  

Brown K, Chen S, Han Z, Lu C, Tan X, Zhang X, et al. Clonal production and organization of inhibitory interneurons in the neocortex. Science. 2011, 334(6055): 480-486. 




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