26956-Zang, Yong

Yong Zang, PhD

Associate Professor of Biostatistics & Health Data Science

HITS 5000
Indianapolis, IN
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Key Publications

Methodological Publications (recent three years; † for corresponding author, ‡ for supervised student ):

1. Zhang Y‡, Guo B, Cao S, Zhang C and Zang Y†. SCI: A Bayesian adaptive phase I/II dose-finding design accounting for semi-competing risks outcomes for immunotherapy trials. Pharmaceutical Statistics accepted, 2022
2. Guo B and Zang Y. A Bayesian phase I/II biomarker-based design for identifying subgroup-specific optimal dose for immunotherapy. Statistical Method in Medical Research in press, 2022
3. Guo B and Zang Y. BIPSE: A biomarker-based phase I/II design for immunotherapy trials with progression-free survival endpoint. Statistics in Medicine in press, 2022
4. Chen Z and Zang Y†. CMAX3: A robust statistical test for genetic association accounting for covariates. Genes 12: 1723, 2021.
5. Zhang Y‡ and Zang Y†. CWL: A conditional weighted likelihood method to account for the delayed joint toxicity-efficacy outcomes for phase I/II clinical trials. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 30: 892-903, 2021
6. Han Y, Liu H, Cao S, Zhang C and Zang Y†. TSNP: a two-stage nonparametric phase I/II clinical trial design for immunotherapy. Pharmaceutical Statistics 20: 282-296, 2021.
7. Guo B and Zang Y. BILITE: A Bayesian phase II design for immunotherapy by jointly modeling the longitudinal immune response and time-to-event efficacy. Statistics in Medicine 39: 4439-4451, 2021.
8. Zhang Y‡, Cao S, Zhang C, Jin IH and Zang Y†. A Bayesian adaptive phase I/II clinical trial design with lat-onset competing risk outcomes. Biometrics 77: 796-808, 2021.
9. Han Y, Yuan Y, Cao S, Li M and Zang Y†. One the use of marker strategy design to detect predictive marker effect in cancer immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Statistics in Bioscience 12: 180-195, 2020.

Titles & Appointments

  • Associate Professor of Biostatistics & Health Data Science
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Informatics and Computing
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Public Health
  • Education
    2011 PhD University of Hong Kong
    2007 MS University of Science and Technology of China
    2004 BS Anhui University
  • Research

    Theory, algorithm and software development for adaptive clinical trial design and analysis; statistical genetics; Bayesian analysis

  • Awards
    Org: NIH
    Desc: Curve-free Phase I/II Clinical Trial Designs for Molecularly Targeted Agents and Immunotherapy (NCI R21 1R21CA264257, PI: Yong Zang),
    Scope: National
    Date: 2021-09-01
    Org: Showalter Trust
    Desc: Transparent and Efficient Dose-finding Clinical Trial Designs for Targeted therapies and Immunotherapy (Ralph W. and Grace M. Showalter Trust, PI: Yong Zang)
    Scope: Regional
    Date: 2021-04-01
    Org: Indiana CTSI
    Desc: Indiana CTSI Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design Program Award
    Scope: State
    Date: 2018-06-01

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