26650-Koyama, Sachiko

Sachiko Koyama, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Medicine

950 W Walnut St R2
Indianapolis, IN 47405-7005
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Dr. Sachiko Koyama obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 1995. She specializes in the influences of chemical compounds (of animal origin such as pheromones and plant origin, i.e., phytochemicals) with bioactive properties on physiological conditions. In her recent study, she found the effects of a phytochemical compound beta-caryophyllene on facilitating cutaneous re-epithelialization, which became press released from multiple sources. Utilizing murine pheromones, she has identified multiple phenomenon that pheromones cause impacts, such as on sperm activity and sperm density, brain cell proliferation/neurogenesis, mammary gland expansion, and the trans-generational influences of such exposure. She is a member of the Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research (GCCR) where she participates in multiple projects related to the chemical senses (olfaction and taste). She is also leading a GCCR project on the use of phytochemicals with bioactive properties in facilitating recovery from chemosensory dysfunction. She is a member of the DEI committee of the consortium as well. She has strong interest in utilizing phytochemicals in facilitating recovery from injuries and diseases, and in improving health conditions.

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