21277-Rice, Kevin

Kevin Rice, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Urology

MPC 220
Indianapolis, IN


Dr. Kevin Rice is an associate professor of urology and board-certified urologist who specializes in urologic oncology. He is particularly interested in the surgical management of advanced cancers such as prostate, bladder, kidney, and testicular cancers.

He chose to practice urology because he enjoys helping patients with everything from routine outpatient care to very complex oncologic surgeries. Prior to joining Indiana University, Dr. Rice spent 15 years as an active duty surgeon in the U.S. Army. This time spent wearing the same uniform as his patients was formative for his philosophy as a physician and approach to patients. He approaches his practice by trying to seeing things from the perspective of his patients and their loved ones and then addressing the issues that are most concerning to them. His mission is to deliver the desired clinical result, but also to provide peace of mind.

When Dr. Rice is not practicing medicine, enjoys guitar playing, fishing, cooking and snowboarding.

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