19730-VanDusen, Nathan

Nathan J. VanDusen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Indianapolis, IN


After completing his undergraduate education in Biotechnology, Dr. VanDusen joined the Medical and Molecular Genetics PhD program at Indiana University School of Medicine, where he trained in the laboratory of Dr. Anthony Firulli, studying transcriptional control of cardiac development. Upon receiving his doctorate, he began postdoctoral training at Harvard University’s Boston Children’s Hospital, where he developed new technologies to enable high-throughput quantitative studies in the mouse heart, with a focus on characterizing transcriptional regulation of cardiomyocyte maturation. His scholarly contributions include development of a CRISPR-based somatic mutagenesis system, which he used to conduct the first high-throughput pooled CRISPR screen in a mammalian heart, development of high-throughput methods for assessing enhancer activity in vivo, and development of a system for in vivo precise gene editing within cardiomyocytes. Dr. VanDusen is currently an assistant professor in the Cardiovascular Developmental Biology program within Indiana University School of Medicine's Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research. Dr. VanDusen’s future research will focus on leveraging the unique technologies developed during his postdoc to characterize the transcriptional networks that mediate cardiac development and disease.

Additional information can be found on the VanDusen Lab website at vandusenlab.com

Publications and funding information are available on ORCID.

Titles & Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics
  • Education
    2014 PhD Indiana University
    2009 BS Ferris State University

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