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Lingxiao Deng, PhD, BMED

Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery

GH 5100
Indianapolis, IN
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Lingxiao Deng, PhD is an assistant professor with tenure track in the Department of Neurological Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine. He joined IU School of Medicine faculty in 2015.

Dr. Deng has accumulated eight years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon in China following his graduation from Fujian Medical University. His interaction with numerous patients who struggled to recover from spinal cord injuries despite successful surgeries was a pivotal realization. It dawned on him that unraveling the intricacies of the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms could hold the key to significantly improving outcomes for such injuries. This realization spurred his decision to transition his career towards the realm of medical research.

His journey took him to IU School of Medicine, where he completed his PhD degree in the Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology. Dr. Deng's expertise further flourished during his postdoctoral training mentored by the late distinguished scientist, Xiao-Ming Xu, PhD, from the Department of Neurological Surgery at IU School of Medicine.

Dr. Deng is driven by a profound dedication to transcending disciplinary boundaries and advancing translational research. His ultimate ambition is to contribute meaningfully to the treatment of spinal cord injuries through a holistic approach. His research interests encompass an array of areas, including neural regeneration, neuroprotection, cell transplantation, neural plasticity, rehabilitation and bioengineering.

Dr. Deng's journey reflects a remarkable commitment to understanding and addressing spinal cord injuries, as he strives to pioneer innovative solutions that could potentially transform the lives of patients worldwide.

During his downtime from research, he takes pleasure in engaging in physical activities like exercising, playing basketball, hiking and fishing. He also has a penchant for exploring new places through travel.

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  • Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery

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