15785-McPheron, Molly

Molly McPheron, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical & Molecular Genetics

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

(317) 944-3966
IB 130
Indianapolis, IN


Molly, McPheron, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics, and co-director of the PKU Palynziq Clinic and Pompe Disease Clinic. Dr. McPheron enjoys teaching medical students, residents, and fellows in her role as an assistant professor. Along with her specialties, Dr. McPheron is involved in a research project studying the incidence of congenital anomalies in East Africa in conjunction with the AMPATH program in Eldoret, Kenya.

Dr. McPheron holds special interest and expertise in taking care of individuals with lysosomal storage disorders, abnormal newborn screens, and other inborn errors of metabolism, and specializes in taking care of individuals with genetics and metabolic disorders. Beyond teaching and serving the community, Dr. McPheron is passionate about improving the health of children with genetic and metabolic disorders within the state of Indiana and expanding her passion beyond. 

Key Publications

Sundstrom R, Wetherill L, Sapp K, McPheron M, Lah M. Relationship satisfaction in adults with phenylketonuria is positively associated with following recommended treatment, having a partner involved in management, and maintaining good health. J Community Genet. 2023 Dec;14(6):627-638.

Wangler MF, Lesko B, Dahal R, Jangam S, Bhadane P, Wilson TE, McPheron M, Miller MJ. Dicarboxylic acylcarnitine biomarkers in peroxisome biogenesis disorders. Mol Genet Metab. 2023 Nov;140(3):107680.

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McPheron MA, Craven HJ, Molleston JP, Dilly CK. Genetic Testing and Counseling in Metabolic Liver Disease: An Interactive Lecture for Medical Students. MedEdPORTAL. 2020 Oct 19;16:10996.

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