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Terry A. Vik, MD

Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center Professor of Hematology

705 Riley Hospital Drive
ROC 4340

Indianapolis, IN 46202
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Dr. Terry Vik is a Professor of Pediatrics and has been a faculty member of Indiana University School of Medicine and Riley Hospital for Children for over 25 years. Dr. Vik is the Director of our Childhood Cancer Survivor Program as well as Associate Director of the Fellowship Program in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology. He received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University, completed Residency at UCLA and Fellowship at The Children’s Hospital/ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Dr. Vik is instrumental in fostering the Childhood Cancer Treatment Program at our sister hospital in Eldoret, Kenya, as well as facilitating research with childhood cancer survivors. When not working on various job-related projects, Dr. Vik enjoys soccer, Outdoor activities with his family and dogs, and travel.

Key Publications


Vik TA. Pfluger T. Kadota R. Castel V. Tulchinsky M. Farto JC. Heiba S. Serafini A. Tumeh S. Khutoryansky N. Jacobson AF. (123)I-mIBG scintigraphy in patients with known or suspected neuroblastoma: Results from a prospective multicenter trial. Pediatric Blood & Cancer. 52(7):784-90, 2009.




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Pradhan, KR, Mund, JA Johnson, C, Vik, TA, Ingram, DA, and Case, J. Polychromatic Flow Cytometry Identifies Novel Subsets of Circulating Cells with Angiogenic Potential in Pediatric Solid Tumors. Cytometry Part B, 80B:335-338, 2011.




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Buckle G, Maranda L, Skiles J, Ong'echa JM, Foley J, Epstein M, Vik TA, Schroeder A, Lemberger J, Rosmarin A, Remick SC, Bailey JA, Vulule J, Otieno JA, Moormann AM. Factors influencing survival among Kenyan children diagnosed with endemic Burkitt lymphoma between 2003 and 2011: A historical cohort study. International journal of cancer. 2016; 139(6):1231-40.


Titles & Appointments

  • Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center Professor of Hematology
  • Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
  • Professor of Clinical Medicine
  • Director, Childhood Cancer Survivor Program
  • Education
    1991 FEL Cellular and Developmental Biology Research Fellowship, Harvard University
    1989 FEL Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fellowship, The Children's Hospital, Boston
    1986 RES Pediatric Residency, University of California (Los Angeles)
    1983 MD Johns Hopkins University
    1980 BA Johns Hopkins University
  • Research


    My recent research involves improving the diagnosis and treatment of children with cancer in low-income countries. We have projects to treat children with cancer and to improve the diagnosis of leukemia through education and training of local health care workers in Kenya. We continue to seek funds to extend that work.


    Locally, I am involved in the education of fellows in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, and I work to foster their research and academic careers through their training. I am also involved in clinical drug trials of new agents for treatment of diseases in children with cancer or blood disorders.


  • Professional Organizations
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
    American Society for Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
    Children's Oncology Group
    International Society of Pediatric Oncology
  • Board Certifications
    American Board of Pediatrics - Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
    American Board of Pediatrics - Pediatrics
  • Clinical Interests


    Global Health: Childhood Cancer Treatment Program in Kenya


    Translational Research: Fostering new project development through the CTSI


    Cancer Survivorship: Facilitating research with childhood cancer survivors


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