14526-Moga, Margaret

Margaret M. Moga, PhD

Associate Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

(812) 237-4172
FS 5100
Indianapolis, IN
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My research background is the neuroanatomy of circadian rhythms and the central autonomic nervous system.  My current research focus is developing scientific measures of ‘energy healing’ and other bioenergetic phenomena, and studying the exceptional experiences of healers.  In working with healers, I have observed a unique magnetic field waveform associated with energy healing, with ‘charge-discharge’ characteristics of Reichian orgone.  As a complement to my research, I have completed training as a practitioner in Healing Touch, an energy-based biofield therapy.   I am active on the Council of the Society for Scientific Exploration, promoting the Frontier Sciences.    


Key Publications

Bengston, W.F., and M. Moga (2007) Resonance, placebo effects, and type II errors: Some implications from healing research for experimental methods.  J. Altern. Compl. Med. 13: 317-328.

Moga, M.M., D. Zhou (2008) Distant healing of small-sized tumors.  J. Altern. Compl. Med. 14(5): 453.

Moga, M.M., B. Mowery, R. Geib (2008) Patients are more likely to use complementary medicine if it is locally available.  Rural Remote Health 8(2): 1028.

Li, H., G.N. Waite, M.M. Moga, P. Lam, and R.W. Geib (2010) Balance improvements after a week-long Tai Chi workshop as determined by dynamic posturography.  Biomed. Sci. Instrum.  172-177.

Moga, M.M., W.F. Bengston (2010) Anomalous magnetic field activity during a bioenergy healing experiment.  J. Sci. Exploration 24(3): 397-410.

Moga, M.M. (2014) Magnetic field activity during psychic healing:  A preliminary study with Healing Touch practitioners.  Journal of Nonlocality 3(1): http://journals.sfu.ca/jnonlocality/index.php/jnonlocality/index

Caswell, J.M., Carniello, T.N., Tessaro, L.W.E., Sidorov, L., Dotta, B.T., Vares, D.A.E., Moga, M.M., Pitkanen, M., Millar, B., Bajpai, R.P., Tressoldi, P., Kokubo, H., Lake, J., Burns, J.E., Lehman, B., Baer, W., Rouleau, N., Schumacher, D., Juden-Kelly, L., Jarosek, S., Ooi, K.H. (2014) Conditioning of Space-Time: The Relationship between Experimental Entanglement, Space-Memory and Consciousness.  Journal of Nonlocality Round Table Series, Colloquium #4, 3(2).

Moga, M. (2014) Healing Waves.  Energy Magazine, Sept/Oct. http://www.healingtouchprogram.com/energy/issues/sepoct2014.pdf

Moga, M.M. (2017) Exceptional experiences of healers: A survey of Healing Touch practitioners and students.  Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology 5(1): 24-34.

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