12968-Breman, Amy

Amy M. Breman, PhD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medical & Molecular Genetics

Division Director, IU Genetic Testing Laboratories

(317) 274-8044
IB 354A
Indianapolis, IN


Amy Breman, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics, and Division Director of the Indiana University Genetic Testing Labs (IUGTL). Dr. Breman has a broad background in clinical genetic testing and translational research studies, having spent 10 years as a laboratory director at Baylor Genetics before joining Indiana University in 2018. In that capacity, Dr. Breman worked with Dr. Arthur Beaudet to develop a novel clinical approach to noninvasive prenatal diagnosis using circulating fetal cells.

In 2021, Dr. Breman completed her second ABMGG clinical laboratory fellowship and became board-certified in clinical molecular genetics. This allowed Dr. Breman to not only expand her clinical expertise in to molecular diagnostics, but also led to her involvement in several new clinical research studies, including development of genome sequencing processes for the Undiagnosed Rare Disease Clinic (URDC) and pharmacogenomic genotyping for the Personalized Perioperative Analgesia Platform (PPAP) for Cesarean Section study, among others.

As the current director of the division of diagnostic genomics, Dr. Breman's responsibilities include oversight of the lab’s efforts to uphold CLIA and CAP standards, including participation in QA/QC monitoring, laboratory inspections (both internal and external) and proficiency testing. Dr. Breman is also involved in monitoring the work performed by the laboratory staff, including review and revision of protocols when needed, troubleshooting laboratory procedures, monitoring the training progress of new employees and reviewing the quality of test results generated by the laboratory.

Dr. Breman's solid clinical laboratory experience has allowed her to engage and provide guidance on a variety of multidisciplinary collaborative research studies, including the oversight of analytical and clinical validation requirements for implementation of new clinical testing methodologies.

Key Publications

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