Alyssa D. Fajardo

Alyssa D. Fajardo, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery


Dr. Fajardo obtained her medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine, where she graduated as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society.   She also completed her general surgery training at IUSOM.  During this training, Dr. Fajardo spent two years as a research fellow at Washington University in St. Louis in the department of colorectal surgery.   She then returned to Washington University in St. Louis to complete a clinical fellowship in colorectal surgery and then joined IUSOM to join the Department of Surgery in the division of colon and rectal surgery.   She is a member and fellow of American College of Surgeons as well as the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery.  



Key Publications

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Book Chapters and Reviews



Clinical Scenarios in Surgical Oncology.  Editor Vijay P. Khatri.  Chapter 22: Duodenal Carcinoma/Adenoma.  Keith Lillemoe, MD, Wait, Alyssa D.  Publication date 01/2005.


Clinical Scenarios in Surgical Oncology.  Editor Vijay P. Khatri.  Chapter 46: Periampullary Carcinoma, Carcinomas of the Head of the Pancreas.  Keith Lillemoe, MD, Wait, Alyssa D. Publication date 01/2005


O’Neil, B. H., Fajardo, A. D., Wang, A., & Shahda, S. (2016). Local and Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer. Multidisciplinary Management of Gastrointestinal Cancers, 339.


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