10972-Robling, Alexander

Alexander G. Robling, PhD

Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

Titles & Appointments

  • Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology
  • Education
    1998 PhD University Of Missouri - Columbia
    1995 MA George Washington University
    1992 BA Saint Mary'S College Of Maryland
  • Research

    The Robling laboratory focuses on anabolic pathways for bone tissue, including discovery of the molecular mechanisms by which bone tissue senses mechanical loading. Dr. Robling studies how proteins involved in the Wnt signaling cascade affect bone accumulation, and how signal transduction originating from mechanical stimulation is altered by this pathway. Trainees coming through the Robling lab will participate in all aspects of mechanobiology methods, including in vitroresponses to mechanical stimulation (e.g., shear stress) and in vivo adaptation to mechanical loading (e.g., tibial and ulnar loading, disuse models).  In addition, trainees will be trained in all of the techniques used in the lab for assessing anabolic and catabolic responses in bone tissue and cell culture, including molecular (e.g., RNA extraction, qPCR, western blotting, serum/media ELISAs), radiographic (e.g., DEXA, pQCT, microCT, planar radiography), histologic (e.g., thin and thick sectioning, staining, IHC, fluorochrome histomorphometry), and biomechanical (e.g., whole bone mechanical properties).

  • Awards
    Org: ASBMR
    Desc: Fuller Albright Award
    Scope: International
    Org: IUPUI
    Desc: Research Frontiers Trailblazer Award
    Scope: University
    Org: IUSM
    Desc: Showalter Scholar
    Scope: University
    Org: IU
    Desc: IU Trustees' Teaching Award
    Scope: University

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