Stephen R. Dlouhy

Stephen R. Dlouhy, PhD

Associate Research Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics


Dr. Dlouhy has been a member of the Medical and Molecular Genetics faculty since 1987. He also has an appointment in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and is a member of the Basic Science Component Committee of the School of Medicine.

His research interests cover a broad spectrum, including inherited diseases of humans and mice and cancer. He has been involved with the genetic mapping of the genes for a number of human disease including Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease and Gerstmann-Straussler Scheinker disease as well as studies of the mouse genes for androgen binding proteins (ABPs) and the weaver and purkinje cell degeneration neurologic mutant mouse models. Studies of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease, a disorder of myelin in the brain, included the identification of many of the first disease-causing mutations known worldwide. For mouse ABP, what began as a study of a sex-influenced salivary protein polymorphism, have evolved to studies of a rapidly involving gene duplication system that may be associated with mate recognition and mouse subspeciation.  Much of his recent research effort comprises biospecimen (e.g., DNA and cell) repository activities for a number of neurologic disorders including Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease.

Dr. Dlouhy is engaged in many teaching activities that include graduate (PhD and MS) students as well as medical students at both the departmental and school of medicine levels in Indianapolis and elsewhere in the state.    

Dr. Dlouhy is the course director for:

Q580, Basic Human Genetics (lectures, Indianapolis graduate students)  
Q601, Medical Genetics (lectures, Indianapolis Center medical students)  
Q602, Medical Genetics (lectures, Terre Haute Center medical students)
Q603, Medical Genetics (lectures, Lafayette Center medical students) 
Q612, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics (lectures, Indianapolis graduate students) 
Q613, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics (lab, Indianapolis graduate students) 
Q626, Fundamentals of Biochemical and Molecular Genetics (lectures, Indianapolis grad students)
Q660, Departmental Seminar (Indianapolis graduate students)

 In addition, he lectures in the following courses:

Q625, Introduction to Clinical Genetics (lecture, Indianapolis graduate students)
Q640, Special topics (Indianapolis graduate students)
G667, Tools and Techniques in Translational Research (lectures, Indianapolis)
G890 , Molecular Biology Workshop (lab/lecture, Indianapolis)

Key Publications

Gao Q. Thurston VC. Vance GH. Dlouhy SR. Hodes ME. (2005) Genetic diagnosis of PLP gene duplications/deletions in patients with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease.  Clinical Genetics. 68(5):466-7, 2005 Nov.

Zhong J, Deng J, Phan J, Dlouhy S, Wu H, YaoW, Ye P, D’Ercole AJ, Lee WH. 
(2005)  Insulin-like growth factor-I protects granule neurons from apoptosis and improves ataxia in weaver mice. J Neurosci Res.80(4):481-90.

Laukaitis CM, Dlouhy SR, Emes RD, Ponting CP, Karn RC.  (2005) Diverse spatial, temporal, and sexual expression of recently duplicated androgen-binding protein genes in Mus musculus. BMC Evol Biol.5:40. 

Spina S, Murrell JR, Yoshida H, Ghetti B, Bermingham N, Sweeney B, Dlouhy SR, Crowher RA, Goerdert M, Keohane C.  (2007)  The novel Tau mutation G335S: clinical, neuropathological and molecular characterization.  Acta Neuropathol(Berl).113(4):461-70.

Conneally PM, Dlouhy SR (2008) Molecular Forensic Pathology. In: Molecular Genetic Pathology, Humana Press, Cheng L and Zhang DY (9ds), 703-716.

 Nelson RP Jr, Yu M, Schwartz JE, Robertson MJ, Hromas R, Fausel CA, Vance GH, Dlouhy SR, Baute JA, Cox EA, Wood LL, Srivastava S, Robertson KA, Haut PR, Farag SS, Abonour R, Cornetta K, Cripe LD.  Long-term disease-free survival after nonmyeloablative cyclophosphamide/fludarabine conditioning and related/unrelated allotransplantation for acute myeloid leukemia/myelodysplasia.  Bone Marrow Transplant, 2010 Aug;45(8):1300-8. Epub 2010 Jan 11.


(317) 274-5747 

Indianapolis, IN


Titles & Appointments

  • Associate Research Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Laboratory Director of the DNA and Cell Repository and of the National Cell Repository for Alzheimer Disease