Margaret A. Schwarz

Margaret A. Schwarz, MD

Professor of Pediatrics


   Dr. Schwarz, a clinician scientist, is a respected teacher on the IUSM-SB campus. Her teaching contributions to first and second year medical students include Cardio-pulmonary Physiology and Foundations of Clinical Practice with approximately 160 contact student teaching hours per year.

   As a scientist, Dr. Schwarz is an NIH funded, experienced lung and vascular biologist with 70 per-reviewed basic science publications. Her laboratory focuses on the contributions that the vasculature brings to functional lung development such as alveolar formation. In addition, her studies explore the role of sphingolipids in regulating tissue regeneration in disease process such as lung disease of prematurity.

   In other studies she also explores cancer progression in collaboration with Dr. Roderich Schwarz’s lab where they seek new conventions in pancreatic cancer tumor control. Additional services to the IUSM-SB community include the head of the regional Primary Committee, member of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences graduate program steering committee at the University of Notre Dame, IUSM-SB representative on the Harper Cancer Faculty search committee, and member of the IUSM Promotion and tenure committee.


(574) 631-5634 

Indiana University School of Medicine South Bend
FS 5100 - Regional Medical Centers (SB) MEDS
Indianapolis, IN


Titles & Appointments

  • Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology