Emergency Medicine

Out-of-Hospital Care (EMS) Fellowship

Emergency medical services outside of the hospital are necessary when health care must be taken to the patient. This involves caring for a time-sensitive injury or illness and transporting the patient to a medical facility as quickly as possible.

The out-of-hospital care fellowship at Indiana University School of Medicine is a one-year, ACGME-accredited program that provides a robust pre-hospital EMS educational experience, preparing fellows to become leaders in the field of EMS. This fellowship immerses the learner in all aspects of pre-hospital medicine in order to produce a well-rounded, knowledgeable EMS physician. This curriculum is based on the core content of EMS medicine and includes various and unique experiences with EMS organizations In Indianapolis and throughout Indiana.


An out-of-hospital fellowship curriculum provides an extensive and longitudinal approach to the various aspects of pre-hospital care. Fellows take an active role in the various pre-hospital environments covered by the division of out-of-hospital care.

The Out-of-Hospital Care fellow is fully integrated into the leadership team of Indianapolis EMS agencies, including Indianapolis EMS, the largest urban EMS agency in Indiana, serving more than 1.2 million citizens; Indianapolis Fire Department; and the Wayne Township Fire Department, where Out-of-Hospital Care fellows serve as the primary medical director and gain experience with suburban and rural EMS.

The Out-of-Hospital Care fellow gains experience of tactical EMS through participation with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Tactical Unit.

Fellows in the Out-of-Hospital Care program acquire a basic understanding of aeromedical operations through participation with IU Health Lifeline aeromedical service.

The Out-of-Hospital Care fellow has an opportunity to learn more about motorsports medicine while working in the infield care center at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for all events. Fellows also have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of motorsports medicine by training with the Phillips Safety Team.

Out-of-Hospital Care fellows are required to gain in-depth awareness of disaster management through participation in the Marion County MESH Coalition as well as by participating in various disaster medicine drills throughout the city of Indianapolis.

Fellows in this program have the opportunity to participate in the medical planning and response for major local events, including the Indianapolis 500, the largest mass gathering event in Indianapolis with more than 350,000 spectators and a multitude of events, and the OneAmerica Mini Marathon, the largest mini marathon in the United States, with 35,000 runners. The fellow is involved in medical planning and response for these events.

The Out-of-Hospital Care fellow meets with the IU School of Medicine EMS division leadership to go over monthly required readings from EMS texts and other pertinent sources. The fellow organizes four journal club sessions throughout the academic year.

Out-of-Hospital Care (EMS) fellows work a total of six clinical shifts per month at Eskenazi Hospital, one of the three primary teaching sites for the IU School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine. The fellow is responsible for direct supervision and clinical teaching of the emergency medicine residents, medical students and other rotators in the department. The fellow is responsible for ensuring that his or her clinical duties do not interfere with required fellowship responsibilities. All scheduling is completed through the assigned departmental representative, and any additional clinical time must not violate duty hour limits as set forth by the RRC.


Division Chief and Fellowship Director: Daniel O’Donnell, MD
Assistant Fellowship Director: Thomas Lardaro, MD

Fellowship Coordinator: Kris Powell

Karen Bowers, MD, MS, MEd
Mark Liao, MD

Dustin Holland, MD
Kacey Kronenfield, MD
Emily Kraft, MD
Rian Fisher, MD
Amanda Clouse, MD
Doug Dixon, MD
Michael Mancera, MD
Andrew Stevens, MD
James Rinkle, MD
Daniel O’Donnell, MD
Julio Lairet, MD
Charles Miramonti, MD