MD Education Program

MD Tuition and Fees

Annual tuition for the MD program at IU School of Medicine varies by stage of the medical education journey. For incoming first-year students, the cost is approximately $35,000 for Indiana residents and $60,000 for non-residents.

Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) represents the estimated total cost of tuition and living expenses for an MD student to attend IU School of Medicine for one year. The COA is determined by the school and IUPUI. It includes tuition as well as fees, books, supplies and a reasonable living allowance. The living allowance is based on Bureau of Labor Statistics and factors in housing, transportation and personal expenses.

All medical students at IU School of Medicine receive a standard COA for a nine-month academic year. Additional allowances for the summer term, off-campus rotations and residency interview expenses are calculated for third- and fourth-year medical student COA. It is possible to personalize the COA further by completing a Professional Judgment Appeal Form. Examples for appeal include the purchase of a computer or expected childcare expenses. Any adjustment to the standard COA allows for additional borrowing.

Federal guidelines dictate that federal financial aid must be based on the COA.

Financial Aid

Information on Financial Aid available through grants and loans as well as scholarships is available from the IU School of Medicine Office of Student Financial Services.

Funding Support for Medical Education

Keep in mind that providing a medical education costs considerably more than what a student pays in tuition and fees. To fill this gap, the medical school receives funding from the state of Indiana as well as supportive organizations, generous donors and alumni.

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