MD Program

MD Admissions Interview

MD Admissions interviews are held on Wednesdays at IU School of Medicine campuses in Indianapolis, Muncie, Gary, Terre Haute, South Bend and Fort Wayne. Applicants may select the interview location, but the interview date and time is determined by the Office of Admissions and based upon availability of interviewers.” and add to the third sentence so this reads “In most cases, two interviewers meet with each applicant, but this is not a guarantee. Note: To avoid delays, applicants may be assigned to a different interview location depending upon availability. Rescheduling is not recommended unless extenuating circumstances exist.

What to Expect on Interview Day

Applicants can expect to spend a half day on campus, morning or afternoon, on interview day. In addition to the interview itself, this day includes an information session about the IU School of Medicine MD program as well as a financial aid presentation and opportunities to meet current medical students.

Due to limited availability of staff and medical students, guided tours are not conducted on the Indianapolis campus during interview days. To schedule a tour of this IU School of Medicine campus on a different date, contact the Admissions Ambassadors. To schedule a tour at other campuses, please contact the site directly.

Interview Tips

To make the best possible impression during the admissions interview for medical school, these tips offer some guidance.

  • Research Indiana University School of Medicine and become familiar with the new MD curriculum.
  • Be professional at all times. Professionalism includes attire, interactions with interviewers, school staff and students—by email, telephone and in-person. The evaluation process is ongoing until a final admission decision has been issued.
  • Check-in at the reception area upon arrival on interview day.
  • Keep in mind that all materials must be sent to the Indianapolis campus for processing. If interviewing at a different campus, do not leave any materials with interviewers with an expectation that the materials will be forwarded to Indianapolis.
  • Allow adequate time to find the interview location based on the walking directions provided by IU School of Medicine.
  • Snacks are provided throughout the day, but applicants are responsible for covering their own meals on interview day.
  • The possibility of down time on interview day exists. Applicants can use this time to explore the campus, speak with current medical students, or grab a snack.
  • Student hosts are not a guarantee. If an applicant requests a host and does not receive a response within three days of the scheduled interview, arrange for other accommodations.

Admissions Ambassadors

The Admissions Ambassadors program at IU School of Medicine is a student-led organization that works to make medical school applicants more comfortable while waiting for their admissions interview to begin. On interview days, student volunteers are available throughout the day to answer questions, provide insight to life as a medical student and offer information about the school. Interview day is a perfect opportunity to find out what IU School of Medicine is all about, and the goal of Admissions Ambassadors is to make the experience informative and rewarding. In addition, Admissions Ambassadors provide school tours for prospective students who have not yet applied for admission but are interested in learning more about IU School of Medicine. For more information about the Admissions Ambassadors program, contact the IU School of Medicine MD Admissions Office.