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Wellness Center With Courtesy
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Helping cancer survivors get “back to life” after treatment with new, free wellness center

After finishing cancer treatments, many survivors do not know where to turn for guidance about their physical and mental health. The Indiana Cancer Wellness Center is...

Anna Carrera • Date: 7/18/19

Jason Watters, MD

$1.8 million NIH grant funds IU researcher’s work on mobile compression device

An Indiana University School of Medicine faculty member is partnering with an Indiana medical...

Caitlin VanOverberghe • 7/10/19

Dr Benson And Terry Baker

First patient to try FDA-approved drug for amyloidosis is thankful

​More than a decade has passed since Terry Baker first noticed signs of amyloidosis....

Anna Carrera • 7/2/19

2019 Ada (2)

Researchers bring big ideas to national conference

More than 15,000 scientists and health care professionals gathered at the American Diabetes Association’s...

Sara Buckallew • 7/1/19

Photo of Indiana University School of Medicine professor of surgery Sashwati Roy, PhD

IU School of Medicine research awarded military grant funding for wound dressing study

It may sound like something out of science fiction, using electrical fields to combat...

Marco Gutierrez • 6/4/19

David M. Haas, MD examines his gestational diabetes patient

IU Grand Challenge Precision Health Initiative sheds new light on gestational diabetes

Faith Kuntz was glad her doctor tested her for gestational diabetes...

Christine Drury • 5/30/19

Dsc 0253

A tough nut to crack: Researchers study ways to prevent peanut allergy

Found in everything from crackers and cookies to savory sauces, the peanut is one...

Sara Buckallew • 5/29/19

Fork in the road: Researchers discover unique pathway in autism research

It is often through collaboration where one finds some of the greatest research ideas...

Em Collins • 4/29/19

Researcher in Hawkins Lab

“It’s not in their head. It’s a real disease.” Faculty hope to raise awareness about endometriosis

It’s a painful, chronic disease that affects millions of women worldwide, but many don’t...

Christina Griffiths • 3/28/19