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Q&A with Natascia Marino, PhD

Obesity has long been known as a risk factor for developing many diseases, including cancer. For obese women, this means an increased risk for developing breast...

Michael Schug • Date: 3/21/19


Can skin cells and a nanochip grow new flesh, nerve cells and organs? At IU School...

Ryan Bowman • 3/5/19

The image shows Liana Apostolova and with patient Mary Estrada


For many families, what should be some of the best years of their LIVES WILL...

Ryan Bowman • 3/5/19

IU-led study looks to understand how bones and muscles interact

When Melissa Rae O’Connor was pregnant with her first child, she was excited to...

Christina Griffiths • 3/1/19

Smooth production in the brain factory: A breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research, Part Two

Lahiri leads the research team, and enjoys working with trainees on discovery of novel...

Em Collins • 2/15/19

IU researchers help discover new disease

Indiana University School of Medicine researchers, in collaboration with investigators from the Indiana Biosciences...

Sara Buckallew • 2/9/19

laptop in research lab

Upgrade your research program with electronic lab notebooks

It’s a new year, and some are using the calendar change as motivation to...

Andrea Zeek • 1/22/19