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Research Targets Suicide Risk Using Precision Medicine

In a recent Q&A, IU School of Medicine’s Dr. Alexander B. Niculescu talks about new research to identify suicide risk through personalized blood tests. Briefly, what are...

Michael LaFollette • Date: 8/15/17

Tuberculosis clinic locations in Kenya

Tuberculosis in Kenya: Can New Approach Help Measure Prevalence of Drug Resistance?

By Aaron Carroll, MD Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Research Mentoring,...

Andrea Zeek • 8/22/17

Monogrammed Medicine Program Tailors Individual Breast Cancer Treatments

Sherry Perciful was in the throes of planning her daughter’s wedding in fall 2015...

Ashlie Lamb • 8/16/17

Portraits of Dan Bateman, David Wilkerson, and Erin Brady

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Dan Bateman knows teamwork makes great things happen.A few years ago, not too long...

Phil Lofton • 8/16/17

Research Targets Suicide Risk Using Precision Medicine

In a recent Q&A, IU School of Medicine's Dr. Alexander B. Niculescu...

Michael LaFollette • 8/15/17

Robotic surgery

Could Robotic Surgery Lead to Fewer Complications than Traditional Surgery?

In recent years, the ability to use robotic technology in surgery has offered the...

Aaron Carroll • 8/14/17

HIV testing

Targeted HIV Testing Strategies May Be Key to Reaching Youths at Highest Risk of Infection

While HIV does not often get the attention that it used to in the...

Aaron Carroll • 8/10/17

Hugh Hendrie

Alzheimer’s Association Honors Hugh Hendrie with ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award

Indiana University’s Hugh Hendrie, MB, ChB, DSc, was recently

Andrea Zeek • 7/18/17

Newborn baby holding hands with adult

Do Cooling Treatments Help Babies with Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy?

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is an injury to the brain that occurs when it is...

Aaron Carroll • 7/17/17