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Kids playing soccer
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“Should I let my kids play sports?” What you need to know about your child’s risk of concussion

The new school year is here, and for many parents, that means it’s time to sign kids up for fall sports. But before your child hits...

Christina Griffiths • Date: 8/9/18

Linda Mozzone

XLH patient says new drug is giving her hope for the future

At 55 years old, Linda Mozzone says she’s getting a second chance at life,...

Christina Griffiths • 9/10/18

Dr. Jamie Renbarger

Podcast: What is Childhood Cancer, and How Do We Treat It?

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and in our latest

Andrea Zeek • 9/6/18

FDA signs off on new XLH drug

IU scientists laid the groundwork for treating the rare and painful bone disorder.By Karen...

Ryan Bowman • 9/6/18

Exercise reduces Alzheimer’s risk. Why?

IU scientist studies the role of physical activity in decreasing inflammation.By Karen SpataroResearch indicates...

Ryan Bowman • 9/6/18

The path of yeast resistance

What’s the best way to halt the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses? Part of the...

Ryan Bowman • 9/6/18

Eliminating the wait for an organ

An IU School of Medicine transplant surgeon is developing an innovative solution to the organ...

Ryan Bowman • 9/6/18

A death star for blood clots

Researchers in emergency medicine are using nanoparticle technology to break up dangerous blood clots.By...

Ryan Bowman • 9/6/18

Putting a stake in the ground

IU School of Medicine establishes new research center to tackle aggressive breast cancer.By Karen...

Ryan Bowman • 9/5/18