Stark Neurosciences Research Institute



Admission to the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute graduate program is processed through a common open enrollment / gateway system called the Indiana BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program at IU School of Medicine. The IBMG provides a shared first-year experience for all School of Medicine biomedical science pre-doctoral (PhD program) students. The open-enrollment curriculum enhances the community of graduate students by offering a shared collaborative culture, a vital component of today’s inter-disciplinary nature of biomedical science research.

International students are encouraged to apply. IU School of Medicine has a robust community of students from many different countries and provides a supportive training environment with a wide array of support services.

Application Materials

Application fee totals $60 – $65 and is non-refundable.

Official GRE or MCAT scores must be sent to IU School of Medicine.

All non-native speakers of English must present evidence of English language proficiency as part of their application. Applicants can demonstrate proficiency in English in one of five ways.

Official transcripts from all universities attended must be submitted from the educational institute. Official copies from the registrar may be accepted for the review process; however matriculates must have an official transcript on file.

Applicants must provide a written statement.

Three letters of recommendation must be submitted with an application for this graduate program.

Applicants must answer supplemental department questions as part of the official application.

Applicants must provide proof of participation in a recruitment programs. If applicable, this would be a letter from the Director of the programs such as McNair, LSAMP, Herbert Fellows, Bridges to the Doctorate, AmeriCorps, etc.

If applicable, applicants must provide immigration documentation.

Admissions Committee

The Indiana Biomedical Gateway Program (IBMG) Admissions Committee, together with the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program team at IU School of Medicine, evaluates applications as they are complete, including scores and letters of recommendation. Strong applicants are invited to visit Indianapolis for an interview where all travel costs and expenses are covered by IU School of Medicine.