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IU researchers help discover new disease

Indiana University School of Medicine researchers, in collaboration with investigators from the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) and around the country, have discovered a new disease....

Sara Buckallew • Date: 2/9/19

Pediatric faculty member earns NIH award to expand research

As an assistant professor of pediatrics at IU School of Medicine, Megan McHenry,...

Debbie Ungar • 1/23/19

A doctor with a young patient

Child Development – Supporting Children Who Have Experienced Traumatic Events

By Elesia Hines, PsyD, HSPP Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Department of Pediatrics, Division of Child...

Cristy James • 1/22/19

Early losses inspire IU cancer researcher

Melissa Fishel’s father didn’t see his daughter graduate from college. He didn’t walk her...

Sara Buckallew • 1/14/19

Image of a child choosing reward stickers in a therapy session.

Child Development – Choosing Between ABA therapy and School

By: Christine Raches, PsyD, HSPP, BCBA, IMH-E Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics IU School of Medicine,...

Cristy James • 12/27/18

IU researcher has reason to dance

Days in the lab, nights in the studio. That’s the new normal for

Sara Buckallew • 12/14/18

New study identifies possible targets for diabetes treatment

Normal levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) are crucial in cellular activity, but in...

Sara Buckallew • 12/12/18

Pediatric Community Advocacy Rotation

Something funny happened on the Peds Community Advocacy rotation. All of a sudden, I was......


Diabetes research challenges conventional teachings

People with Type 1 diabetes depend on daily injections of insulin to manage their...

Sara Buckallew • 12/10/18