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Clinical trial for a rare cancer keeps local educator, former athlete active

Demetrius “Dee” Dowler was 31 years old when he was diagnosed with thymoma, a rare cancer of the thymus gland. There is no good time to...

Michael Schug • Date: 12/20/19

Miles For Myeloma supporters

15th Anniversary of Miles for Myeloma

Forty-eight cyclists hit the road in October for the annual

Anna Carrera • 11/7/19

Ivan Oct 2019 Edit

IU researcher talks about close ties to Nobel winner

Indiana University School of Medicine’s Mircea Ivan, MD, PhD, has a strong connection...

Michael Schug • 11/1/19

Breast cancer survivor with children

IU School of Medicine researcher awarded Susan G. Komen grant

INDIANAPOLIS — A grant from Susan G. Komen will help bolster research at Indiana...

Anna Carrera • 10/25/19

Blog Photo

Fighting triple negative breast cancer with “I” and “U”

Meridian, Jeff, and Autumn Sobel signing the agreement establishing the Becky Sobel Breast Cancer...

Ryan Bowman • 10/7/19

Myron Gill

Multiple myeloma patient believes a cure is around the corner

Myron Gill was 50-years old when he began experiencing excruciating back pain. Doctors ran...

Christine Drury • 8/13/19

Portrait photo of woman on couch in front of windows

I am evidence of what research can do and will do

At 26, and a new mother, Nadia Miller’s dreams were typical. She wanted a...

IU School of Medicine • 8/6/19

Pam Perry

Pam Perry won’t let cancer push her dreams aside

Updated October 2019 In memory of Pam Perry.When breast cancer spreads, it often lands...

Alyssa Geisler • 8/5/19

Tatum Parker Portrait

Childhood cancer survivor, future pediatric oncology nurse

When Tatum Parker was about to turn 6, she woke up in the night...

Alyssa Geisler • 8/5/19