Bone Healing in Space

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Meet the team: Sue Samson

Meet the team: Sue Samson

Written by Sue Samson

I’m Sue Samson, and I handle the administrative side of things for the Kacena lab. That makes me the behind-the-scenes person that (hopefully) keeps things running slickly.

I’ve been with this group since the fall of 2018 and am enjoying the variety of work and the diversity of people I interact with. I’m especially looking forward to helping with the activities associated with the upcoming spaceflight and sharing some of the inside scoop with you.

I enjoy and find inspiration in trying new things, so I guess that’s why I’ve done a bunch of things over the years, including running a small business, working for a big company, training dogs and their people, helping my kids’ sports team raise money, testing new recipes on my unsuspecting friends and family or trekking around in as many of the national parks I can get to.

I even worked in a basic research lab for my first job right after undergrad, so I feel like I’ve gone full circle when I joined Dr. Kacena’s team.

By the way, I love chocolate in or on most anything, so people can bribe me into doing most anything with a little chocolate—and that may be handy for people to know as we get closer to preparations for the spaceflight.

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