Graduate Medical Education

Employment Terms and Benefits

In addition to competitive stipends for resident and fellow physicians, IU School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education (GME) offers excellent health and wellness benefits with no monthly premiums charged to residents and fellows. Stipends are evaluated annually and compared across the nation to ensure competitive compensation.

The GME Office provides administrative support and supervisory oversight of all IU School of Medicine residency and fellowship programs. The office serves as the human resource office for residents and fellows, providing core administrative services including payroll, health and dental insurance (via Bloomington), disability and life insurance, liability insurance, parking, loan deferments, and verification of appointment and training, among other GME support services.

The GME Office, in collaboration with its affiliated hospitals, also provides administrative guidance and professional development for program directors, faculty, residents, fellows and coordinators to enhance administrative expertise toward fulfilling state and national requirements for ACGME, NRMP and other specialty organizations.

Professional Standards

Residents and fellows at IU School of Medicine must adhere to the highest professional standards and demonstrate the school’s commitment to providing excellent, compassionate and ethical care. The policies and standards established by the school and its clinical partners ensure that these standards of excellence are achieved in all situations.

GME Handbook


IU School of Medicine residents and fellows are paid monthly on the last business day of each month except for the December paycheck which is paid on the first business day in January. No advance pay can be made. Please adjust automatic payments accordingly. Federal, State, County Income Tax, and Social Security Tax are withheld from paychecks. In a few instances (fellows), where a portion of pay comes from non-taxable grants, income taxes are not withheld; these fellows are advised to file a Declaration of Estimated Tax, State and Federal, to cover the balance.

Residents and fellows at IU School of Medicine are required to have direct bank deposit for payroll deposits. This is a simple, convenient, and safe method for depositing pay. In addition, all residents and fellows will have a direct deposit pay advice from IU, even when rotating to affiliated hospitals and off-site electives. All pay information is managed and distributed electronically through the University One.IU system. Residents and fellows must use an IUPUI network login and password to access this system. Credentials will be granted upon arrival.

Amounts below are effective 7/1/2018 – 6/30/2019

PGY 1$55,771$4,647.58
PGY 2$57,122$4,760.17
PGY 3$58,711$4,892.58
PGY 4$60,673$5,056.08
PGY 5$62,782$5,231.83
PGY 6$65,111$5,425.92
PGY 7$67,664$5,638.67
PGY 8$70,437$5,869.75
PGY 9$73,539$6,128.25
PGY 10$76,651$6,387.58


IU School of Medicine offers one of the best benefits packages in the country, including a variety of fringe benefits and perks for residents and fellows, their spouses, and families.

  • 3-4 weeks of vacation per year
  • Health and dental insurance with NO monthly premiums for residents/fellows, their spouses, and families
  • Free life insurance
  • Free disability insurance
  • Free medical malpractice insurance
  • Free monorail and bus shuttle transportation provided between hospitals
  • Free parking at all hospitals
  • Meal money provided for on-call nights
  • Pagers provided
  • White coats and scrub suits provided
  • Indiana University Tuition Benefit for residents/fellows, their spouses, and dependent children
  • Free software, including over 200 programs and training courses for applications like Photoshop and Microsoft Office
  • Electronic access to textbooks (Zitelli, Nelson, Redbook, etc.)

Support Resources for Residents and Fellows

IU School of Medicine house staff members are encouraged to consider membership in the Marion County Medical Society and Indiana State Medical Association. Residents and fellows are automatically enrolled as a member of the American Medical Association as part of the IPM training modules made available to them.

While in training at IU School of Medicine, finding four faculty members to sponsor the membership application is easy. Since transfer to any other county medical society can be done by an endorsement letter, obtaining membership during training may make future membership much easier. Plus IU School of Medicine residents and fellows get a bargain rate per year for all three; new members receive the Marion County Society Bulletin, the Indiana State Medical Journal, J.A.M.A., and a choice of one of several specialty journals for much less than the cost of individual subscription rates.

Membership to the Indiana Members Credit Union (317-636-8479) is available to IU School of Medicine residents and fellows. The credit union provides a range of banking services, including savings, no-charge interest-bearing checking, a variety of loans, payroll deduction, and a mortgage loan designed especially for residents (the 3/3 ARM Program). The dividend rate on regular savings, money market and checking accounts is competitive. A $50 deposit is required. The facility is located on the second floor of the IUPUI Campus Center. ATMs are located at all affiliated hospitals in Indianapolis and many buildings on the IUPUI campus.

Swimming, indoor track and workout equipment are available to residents and fellows in Indianapolis at the Natatorium for a reduced rate (317-274-3518) and the National Institute for Fitness and Sport (317-274-3432). Residents and fellows are also welcome to use the fitness centers located at IU Health hospitals and at the VA Medical Center.

Services of a Notary Public are available for official documents at no charge in the Administration Office at Eskenazi Hospital, the Information Desk (front lobby) of IU Hospital, and the Details Clerk (Ext. 2386) at VAMC. The GME Office in Fesler Hall 318 and several departmental offices also have notary services available.

The Underrepresented in Medicine program is designed to enhance the experience of underrepresented residents and fellows to ensure that all physicians in training – regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, family experience, type of upbringing or socioeconomic status – have the support needed to complete the journey from student to healer. The program engages residents and fellows in a one-on-one experience with faculty, supporting the development of a diverse workforce in healthcare. In addition, the program offers a wide range of activities, social events, workshops, networking and career coaching. Mentors meet quarterly with mentees, assist with honing leadership skills and opportunities, facilitate the development of professional skills, and encourage and support mentees.

IU School of Medicine residents and fellows have a wide range of options for mental health counseling and behavioral health care. Explore personal counseling support services available.

IU School of Medicine residents and fellows can enjoy discounts at more than 40 resturants and retailers throughout the Indianapolis area. Learn more about the Crimson Card Deal of the Day and Retail Discounts.