Indiana University School of Medicine—Indianapolis

At the Indianapolis campus, located downtown, IU School of Medicine offers the full range of medical education programs, including an undergraduate health professions program, MD coursework and clinical training, graduate degree programs in basic sciences, and graduate medical education as well as dual degree programs and more. This campus offers exceptional participation opportunities for research experience, student interest groups and extracurricular activities along with continuing medical education programming for alumni and faculty.

The IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis campus offers access to and collaboration with some of the nation’s top clinical partners as well as premier laboratories and other research facilities. Led by outstanding medical education and research experts—many of whom rank among the nation’s best physicians and scientists—this urban campus offers advanced medical education in the heart of one of the most progressive and economically healthy cities in the United States. This is a family-friendly city that’s been ranked as one of the Best Places in the nation to live by US News & World Report and ranked #21 out of 200 cities as the Best Place for Business and Careers by Forbes Magazine.

Thrive in Indianapolis

From campus maps to policies and guidelines, medical students and their families can access campus-specific resources to better understand how to get around and make the most of their time at the Indianapolis campus of IU School of Medicine.

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Student Research Programs

IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis offers a wide range of programs for medical students to enrich their studies and training by participating in active medical research. The programs offered at the Indianapolis campus are available to all IU School of Medicine students statewide as well as individuals not currently enrolled as a student of IU School of Medicine.

Statewide Medical Student Community

The College and House program is designed to connect IU School of Medicine MD students at different campuses during their four-year medical education experience to inspire a strong sense of community, peer support and a culture of wellness among medical students.

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Indianapolis Campus Areas of Interest