Indiana University School of Medicine—Evansville

IU School of Medicine-Evansville is located in the heart of downtown Evansville at the Stone Family Center for Health Sciences, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to collaborative medical education and clinical research. A 30,000 SF world-class simulation center, includes a large human structures lab, virtual hospital and twelve-room virtual clinic.  Numerous private and collaborative study spaces, convenient access to faculty and technology create a balanced work-study environment.

Like the School’s other statewide campuses, medical students in Evansville follow the school’s statewide core curriculum and have exceptional community participation opportunities through student groups, medical service learning programs, extracurricular activities and a scholarly concentration focus in Quality & Innovation in Healthcare.

A large cohort of dedicated adjunct clinical faculty create a strong foundation for clinical rotations throughout southern Indiana with our established partnerships with Deaconess Hospital, St. Vincent – Evansville, Memorial Hospital & Health Care in Jasper and Good Samaritan in Vincennes.  Through the support of these partners, IU School of Medicine and a regional consortium, an expanded residency program was recently launched and will accommodate more than 75 new graduate medical education positions.

Evansville is centrally located between Indianapolis, St. Louis, Louisville and Nashville – the epicenter of health care delivery in the southwest region of Indiana. With six major hospitals serving approximately 2000 beds, medical students and residents have a large variety of medical training opportunities on one campus.


Expanding Medical Education

In addition to the MD education program at the Evansville campus, collaborative planning between IU School of Medicine and a consortium of four regional hospitals, new residency programs have been established. These expanded programs will accommodate more than 100 new graduate medical education positions in southern Indiana over the next several years.

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Clinical Training

Partnerships with local physicians, clinics and hospitals provide students at IU School of Medicine–Evansville the opportunity to learn patient care through one-on-one, interactive experiences that allow them to become familiar with both well patients and the critically ill. Even in the first year of medical training, students at IU School of Medicine-Evansville rotate at some of the best clinical and teaching hospitals in Evansville as well as in the surrounding cities of Jasper and Vincennes.


Aaron Costlow

Aaron Costlow

Med Student in Evansville
Aaron is a medical student at the IU School of Medicine Evansville campus and is a medical student liaison for the Vanderburgh County Medical Society.
Kara Garcia, PhD

Kara Garcia, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Radiology & Imaging Sciences
Garcia's research applies MRI-derived measures of growth to understand normal and abnormal brain development

The Evansville campus offers the highest level of local scholarship support of all the school’s campuses. More than 60 percent of students at this campus receive scholarships—an average of $200,000/year in total awards based on academic performance, financial need and donor intent.