The Medical Physics Therapy Residency program at IU School of Medicine participates in the AAPM- and SDAMPP-sponsored MedPhysMatch program and Medical Physics Residency Application Program (MP-RAP) when open positions in the program are available. Interested applicants should submit their applications in accordance with MP-RAP.

Residents entering the medical physics residency program have a strong foundation in basic physics, documented by a master’s or doctoral degree in medical physics, physics, engineering, mathematics or other science with training equivalent to a minor physics. The successful candidate to this resident program holds a PhD or MS degree in medical physics, preferably compatible with CAMPEP requirements and has good written as well as oral communication skills. Clinical training, research/publication record, and CAMPEP accreditation of the programs attended are considered in the selection of the medical physics resident. The selection of the candidate is made by a committee of at least five professionals affiliated with the program and include the director and the coordinator of the program. Other radiation oncology professionals (physicians, therapists, dosimetrists) may also be asked to serve on the selection committee.