Campus Student Services

IU School of Medicine students at the Bloomington campus can access a wide range of centralized support services from IU School of Medicine, including financial services and student mistreatment and conflict resolution. Other services such as parking and safety are provided locally.

Student Support Services in Bloomington

As part of the statewide IU School of Medicine academic advising program, each medical student is assigned a Lead Advisor and a Volunteer Faculty Advisor. Students can access this support in Bloomington by contacting Jim Allen by phone at 812-856-2434 or by email at His office is located in Jordan Hall Room 300.

The IU School of Medicine is committed to helping students with disabilities succeed academically. MD students in need of disability accommodations should apply to the IU School of Medicine Disabilities Accommodations Committee.

The IU Bloomington Health Center offers personal health and wellness services and includes a medical clinic, lab, x-ray facility, women’s clinic and pharmacy.

Find information about public safety, emergency planning, online security and environmental health and safety at Protect IU.

Students at the Bloomington campus who are seeking personal counseling, psychiatric and psychological services—for any reason—have several support options. IU School of Medicine Mental Health Services offers treatment via telephone or in person. Call 317-278-2383 to schedule an appointment or contact Dana Lasek, PhD, regional campus psychologist and liaison. Locally, in Bloomington, the Counseling and Psychological Services program is located at the IU Bloomington Health Center. All Health Center appointments may be scheduled by phone or online. For after-hours crisis counseling, call 812-855-5711.

IU Student Legal Services is a non-profit, on campus law office that serves only IU students. Services are free and interaction with attorneys is always confidential. Common areas of practice the office handles are landlord-tenant issues, criminal law issues, family circumstances, financial issues and car accidents.

IU School of Medicine-Bloomington enjoys a highly supportive community that has helped raise important scholarship funds. All medical students at the Bloomington campus are eligible for scholarship consideration, provided that the FAFSA form is submitted to IU School of Medicine in the Financial Aid office. Some awards carry restrictions regarding academic achievement, geographic residence and/or financial need. Even with restrictions, most students are eligible for one or more of the Bloomington campus scholarships.