Indiana University School of Medicine—Muncie

IU School of Medicine-Muncie is the school’s only statewide campus that’s located on hospital property, giving medical students as well as residents and faculty convenient access to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. And with small class-sizes, medical students at this campus benefit from a front-row four-year medical education with all the amenities and conveniences that come with being located near the campus of Ball State University, a bustling college environment.

Like the school’s other statewide campuses, medical students in Muncie also have exceptional community participation opportunities through student groups, medical service learning programs, extracurricular activities and summer enrichment electives.

Led by national experts in their fields, the medical education program at IU School of Medicine-Muncie follows the school’s statewide core curriculum. Faculty at the IU School of Medicine-Muncie stay up to date on the latest in medical knowledge and are involved in research projects ranging from synaptic rearrangement imaging to understanding the role of glycogen in the development and physiology of disease. Students and faculty at this campus form close bonds that enrich both academic and professional growth.

Live and Learn in Muncie

Medical students and their friends and family can access information and resources about the Muncie campus to better understand how to navigate campus and make the most of their time in Muncie.

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Campus Tour

Located on the campus of Ball State University, IU School of Medicine-Muncie offers a traditional collegiate environment for learning. Here, students and faculty alike enjoy all the benefits of traditional campus life in a small town within about an hour’s drive to the bigger-city amenities in Indianapolis.


Derron Bishop, PhD

Derron Bishop, PhD

Associate Dean; Campus Director; Professor of Physiology
Recognized as an extraordinary faculty member and administrator, Derron Bishop, PhD, has been instrumental in planning and implementing the new MD curriculum statewide.
Nathan Timm, MD

Nathan Timm, MD

Timm's positive experiences as a medical student at the Muncie campus led him to choose IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital for his family medicine residency.
“Living in Muncie allows me to spend time with my family and pursue the activities I enjoy, due to the short trip to campus. I strongly recommend it!”
J. Matt Neal, MD, assistant dean for Educational Affairs and Faculty Development