Physiology approaches medical science at molecular, cellular, organ and clinical levels, and this medical specialty has evolved substantially over the last several decades. Today, integrative physiology encompasses all these levels. The Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology at IU School of Medicine is among the leaders focused on translating basic research to improve human health throughout the United States and the world.



Faculty in this department provide rigorous and innovative educational programs at advanced undergraduate, Masters, PhD, MD and Postdoctoral Fellow levels. Graduates are prepared for careers in research, teaching, industry, clinical care and public service.


Research programs include basic molecular, cellular and integrative physiology of metabolism and diabetes, cardiovascular, renal, muscle, and skeletal biology in health and disease.


Faculty in the Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology have a shared mission of conducting outstanding research, teaching and service.
Indianapolis-Based Faculty
Faculty at Regional Campuses
Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Spotlight

Michael Sturek, MS,  PhD

Michael Sturek, MS, PhD

Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology
The long-term research of Michael Sturek, MS, PhD, is focused on cellular and molecular calcium signaling mechanisms for in vivo cardiovascular phenomena in health and disease.
Susan J. Gunst, PhD

Susan J. Gunst, PhD

Chancellor's Professor, IUPUI
The research of Susan Gunst, PhD, focuses on airway smooth muscle and airway physiology. The regulation of smooth muscle contractility and phenotype strongly determines hyperreactivity in asthma.

True to its name, the Department of Cellular and Integrated Physiology at IU School of Medicine is integrated in the research and teaching missions of the school. Accomplished faculty in this academic department have the depth and breadth of expertise to push back the frontiers of research and prepare the next generation of biomedical scientists and clinicians for successful careers.

Graduate Degree Programs

The Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology at IU School of Medicine offers PhD and MS degree programs. Doctoral students interested in pursuing a PhD in Cellular and Integrative Physiology formally enter the graduate program within the department upon completion of the first year of the IU of Medicine Biomedical Gateway program (IBMG) by selecting a faculty mentor to serve as thesis advisor. The master of science program includes both a research and a non-research option.