Indiana University School of Medicine—Bloomington

The Indiana University School of Medicine Bloomington campus offers comprehensive medical education while supporting diverse student and faculty research aimed at better understanding the basic mechanisms of disease and improving health sciences education. This campus also benefits from its proximity to Indiana University-Bloomington—benefitting from the academic, social and cultural opportunities available to a Big Ten university while still maintaining a small, close-knit community.

The medical sciences program in Bloomington is unique among the IU School of Medicine campuses because it educates medical students seeking an MD as well as graduate and undergraduate students, offering multiple pathways of study leading to bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, MD and combined degrees. Medical students are enrolled at IU School of Medicine; graduate students are part of the Indiana University Graduate School; and undergraduate students are part of the IU College of Arts and Sciences.

Medical Education in Bloomington

From clinical enrichment and NIH-funded summer research programs to paid teaching experiences and more,  students at the IU School of Medicine Bloomington campus have a wide range of enrichment opportunities to make the most of their time at this exceptional campus.

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Iconic Collegial Community

Bloomington, Indiana, is an iconic university city. Medical Science students here enjoy the collegiate atmosphere of a Big 10 campus and access to some of the best music, cultural attractions and festivals in Indiana—all while training for a successful career among the most accomplished physician educators and medical research in the United States.


Elisabeth Curtis

Elisabeth Curtis

Bloomington MD Student
Elisabeth is medical student and Bloomington class representative.
Douglas Carr, MD

Douglas Carr, MD

Lecturer in Clinical Surgery and Medicine
Douglas Carr, MD, established inter-professional education modules assist students in the health care profession to improve collaboration in health care delivery.

Bloomington Campus Areas of Interest