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Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy

The Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, is engaged in research to inform health policy, improve health care delivery and promote population health. A large portion of Bowen Center’s current research focuses on the health workforce and the influence of various health care delivery models on access to care.

The Bowen Center collaborates with governmental organizations, health professional training programs, provider organizations and non-profit agencies at local, state and national levels to evaluate the implementation, effectiveness and impact of their programs on health care access and delivery.

Bowen Center Resources

Indiana is fortunate to have a mechanism to collect robust data on the workforce supply for the various health professions. The Bowen Center is committed to reporting up-to-date findings from that data and policy reports.


As the intersection of health sciences and health systems, which includes health care delivery and public health, the health workforce is a keystone of patient and population health and represents a range of professions that share a common goal: supporting, securing and protecting population health. The center’s newsletter, the Keystone Review, provides a snapshot of the Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy initiatives related to the health workforce.