Radiology and Imaging Sciences


News and Events

Thanks to the outstanding faculty the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, we are always updating our news and events division to include exciting medical advances and innovations.

Edwin F. Koch Visiting Professor Series

The research and educational programs of the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences are enhanced by several named visiting lectureships in honor of outstanding members of this medical specialty:

John A. Campbell, MD Clinical Lecture
Eugene C. Klatte, MD Clinical Lecture
Raymond Beeler, MD Clinical Lecture
Joseph Morton, MD Clinical Lecture
Suzanne von Schuching Advances in Radiopharmaceutical Developments Lecture

An additional five to seven visiting professor lectures complete each year’s program.

Women in Radiology Group

Founded in 2013 and comprised of medical students, residents, fellows and attending physicians, the IU School of Medicine Women in Radiology group strives to strengthen discussion, improve collaboration, and create a sense of community among women radiologists. Group events increase awareness and understanding of issues unique to women in radiology. By inviting speakers from beyond the department, the group also addresses concerns of women both within and beyond the realm of medicine.

Through the group’s mentoring program, female IU School of Medicine residents are paired with staff radiologists across the nation, reinforcing networking connections for all involved. The inclusion of a variety of training levels and subspecialties fosters an active, nationwide network of women radiologists eager to continue to improve this field of medicine in a collaborative way.

  • Work Life Balance Lecture: Dr. Rohr-Kichgraber, current AMWA President, spoke to the group recently about the realities that many female physicians encounter. This discussion dissected the role of being doctors, wives and mothers from a unique perspective, integrating humor, realism and audience participation along the way.
  • WIR Sunday Brunch: The WIR in radiology group kicked off the new academic year with a brunch to celebrate the past year’s accomplishments and promising future events of 2016-2017.

Faculty sponsors include Dr. Vasantha Aaron, a nuclear imaging specialist, and Dr. Lauren Ladd, a musculoskeletal imaging specialist. Resident leaders are Dr. Angela Gonda, Dr. Pauley Gasparis and Dr. Logan Bell.