The biostatisticians and data managers of the Department of Biostatistics play a collaborative role in the research studies in which they participate.

Grant/Protocol Development

Investigators should contact the Department of Biostatistics as early as possible when planning a study. Once the study protocol is approved, the department can begin to help implement a study plan. To begin the process of developing the data management, sample size justification and analysis plan for a proposed grant/protocol, investigators should submit a draft of the grant/protocol itself. The specific aims and research design and methods sections are of utmost importance, but having the background and significance and preliminary studies sections are also important because they can provide valuable information for developing both the sample size justification and overall analysis plan.

Budget Development

The Department of Biostatistics can help invistigators develop a budget for a study. Information required to begin the process of preparing a budget estimate includes a draft of grant/protocol, project title, primary investigator name and contact information, funding agency, submission date, funding date, length of funding, budget contact (with phone number and email address), membership status with Cancer Center (yes or no). Other information that may be needed: drafts of all data collection tools, approximate number of interviewers/data collectors (if applicable), ballpark estimate of how much money/percent of time will be available for biostatistics services.


Fees apply for certain support services offered by the Department of Biostatistics. The fee schedule includes all expenses related to time spent by department personnel for the research project. These include use of the department’s computing facilities, systems support, software, administrative support, professional travel, supplies and telephone. These rates are based on actual costs to the Department of Biostatistics. Rates for research projects outside of Indiana University contain an additional component to help support the educational and service missions of the department.

FeesIU Rate/hourOutside Rate/hour*
PhD Faculty$160$180
Project Statistician$74$83
Data Manager$55$63
Application Developer$55$63
Server/Database Admin.$55$63
PhD Student Statistician$64$71
Data Entry$16$19